Oddity Archive: Episode 204 – Pioneer Promotional Laserdiscs

Looking at a trio of (slightly misguided) discs touting Pioneer Laserdiscs and Home Theater gear…

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47 Replies to “Oddity Archive: Episode 204 – Pioneer Promotional Laserdiscs”

  1. The United States Marine Corps had GE, in Syracuse, NY, develop the AN/TPS-59 long range ground control intercept radar in the late 70's and deployed it in the 80's through the 90's. The entire training program for USMC technicians was on Laserdisc. It utilized the CAV functions to show schematics and diagrams. I have a few of those when they were washed out of the system. I also have the George Eastman collection of thousands of historic photos on 22 discs, literally thousands of photos dating from the early 1900's to 1949. They were FREE from the George Eastman Museum back in the day. Some of my weirder discs are from the arcade games like Space Ace, Dragon's Lair, and Albegas Cybernaut. Watching those on a regular player is a hoot because, without the software, they play the story branching points sequentially.

  2. But at least he was right about one thing, Laserdisc technology and it's children still grace our living room and other rooms. Now it's Blu Ray and Dolby Atmos. Btw, the host of side one didn't say hic after each word and he wasn't dressed in the traditional Hawaiian shirt, flip flops, and sprouting a Mojita. Now that would been a demo!!!

  3. 11:38 And now we know how and why the Daleks' Gunsticks are so darn powerful and how to build one of your own… To blow up unrepairable tech.

  4. Resolution.? I’m watching this on an OLED,and chuckling at the se asshats bragging about the future tech in their hands.

  5. 4:39 – That image was used as the cover to the vaporwave album "Into the Light", by Infinity Frequencies. It's always nice coming across the sources for that stuff!

  6. 27:47 "Look she loves it" what he tells himself every time he tries to please a woman and convince himself that he actually can🤣.
    Miss White AKA Fizz (Kathy Pitkin) in the BBC soap Eldorado 1992-93…well her double anyhow

  7. I think that man in the Ms. White video is the same actor that's in the (deserves to be infamous) FMVs in Gamera 2000 for the Playstation. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt6CO6RqkGg ) I bet the whole thing was produced in Japan, and he was an actor that lived there during the 1990s.

  8. Great Channel! Love the shows! Minor tech nerd quibble, though… LaserDisc, LaserVision, or DiscoVision, or whatever it was referred to, depending on the year, first had Analog Stereo (or Mono) sound, which was about as good as excellent FM Stereo reception quality. Later, they would add CX Noise Reduction to get it up to pretty much Beta/VHS HiFi Stereo quality, but even better, because of no hum from head switching noise. Around late 1984 was the time they finally added PCM Stereo (Like on CD's) to the discs and players. History lesson over. I need to go get a life.

  9. I've still got a rear projection TV. The pic does get dim, but replacing the projector bulb makes it look brand new. It's great for old school game systems too.

  10. Here's a funny anecdote as to why 5.1 IS 5.1: Brad Miller, the man who brought us many recordings of trains and thunderstorms was a major proponent of the Quadraphonic format. He even formed his own record label; Soundbird, to release specifically such recordings. Well, with the demise of Quad in the later half of the 70's, Mr Miller moved on along WITH technology. Believe it or don't, the lowly CD was even conceived with a 4-channel (Quad) compatibility mode that was never implemented. Anyway, Brad Miller eventually formed Digital Theatre Systems and (not he himself, but his company and many others involved) came up with the DTS encoding method for Surround Sound. Initially, it was to be a 4.0 or Quadraphonic format. When he tried to pitch this idea to record companies, many of them freaked out what with the wounds from the ill-fated Quadraphonic experiment still relatively fresh in their minds. "Can't you do anything better?" he was asked.

    So, in one of those flashes of brilliance, Mr. Miller came up with the idea of adding a center channel and a subwoofer channel thus creating 5.1. Subsonic frequencies could easily be filtered out and sent to the subwoofer, and in many cases, the two front channels could either be blended together or set out-of-phase to really bring forth those vocals. Despite this new, amazing and (supposedly) better system, many of the early DTS Entertainment Surround Sound Music discs are just straight copies of old Quadraphonic albums. Wings: Band on the Run along with Venus and Mars; Santana's Abraxas, Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle…. all just Quad in 5.1 clothing.

    Sorry folks. Even Brad Miller, the inventor of 5.1 was once even quoted as saying "There's nothing you can do in 5.1 that you can't do in 4.0."

    So, that all being said…. I don't see Quadraphonic as a failure. It still exists today and is thriving!! Check out the Dutton-Vocalion label out of the UK re-issuing classic Quadraphonic albums on modern SACD.

  11. 5:00 what are the unfulfilled dreams of Television? I feel like TV kind of nailed it
    5:55 get your damn meathooks off the surface, you ding-dong!

  12. I too died a little inside after that jackass manhandled the LaserDisc. I mean those things are delicate things to be loved and appreciated.

  13. There's been a rear projection TV sitting outside the Conoco building for the last several months. I think it's probably still there if you want it, Ben!

  14. The Pioneer ProVision promo would have me in the store, looking for AWA-brand gear(AWA = Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Pty Ltd.).

  15. I've been following you for a while now and I'm always looking forward to a new video from you. I'm not an AV Geek per say, but I love learning about how companies get started and things like that. Learning about old tech is always fascinating too. You have a knack for diving deep into niche and obscure topics.

  16. I am a novice when it comes to Laserdisc, only have a handful of titles on the format, but even I know that [at 5:38] that is NOT how you handle a Laserdisc AT ALL, this mook is bending and contorting it, getting his fingerprints all over it [assuming its a playable side] and is slightly scratching it. Great work Pioneer, you probably educated a generations worth of enthusiasts to use their discs as frisbees and coffee coasters.

  17. I get Ray Charles being the spokesperson doesn't sound like such a crazy idea. After all, what better way to sell a top of the line product to other visually impaired consumers than by highlighting the sound quality with a famous visually impaired celebrity, especially one that's in the music field? No. The thing that confounds and contorts my mind is Ray freaking Charles listening to Duran Duran.

  18. 20:23 My grandparents used to have one, and I remember getting home after pre-school to watch the price is right with my grandma

  19. I’m watching this right now on a Phillips/Magnavox rear projection tv connected to a PS3 via S-Video. This was not planned, nor was it done ironically. I still use mine regularly. Things just work out sometimes it seems lol. The picture quality on mine is definitely comparable to a CRT TV. Works beautifully for older video games

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