OCTOBER: SECRET RELATIONSHIP REVEALED? Lee Min ho and Kim Go Eun Confirmed Dating! (DELULU Fans)

Month of October : video compilation of some proofs and evidences found by the fans of Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun’s secret relationship! FINALLY REVEALED!

Fans can’t moved on from the Korean Drama “The King Eternal Monarch” because they can really feel a TRUE SPARK from the Leading Actors. As long as the King And the Queen are still single, and as long as their agency doesn’t deny or confirmed any, these speculations will continue and for sure; more evidences will come out 💕

The fans we’re actually excited and making an appeal for the Season 2 of the said Drama, but some we’re worried because Do Hwan is in military now. So, the fans will be waiting 2 years (more or less) for that to happen. 😰

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PS: some of the pictures we’re just EDITED by the delulu Shippers. 🤙🏻 peace out!
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27 Replies to “OCTOBER: SECRET RELATIONSHIP REVEALED? Lee Min ho and Kim Go Eun Confirmed Dating! (DELULU Fans)”

  1. I wonder whether these evidences, which actually have potential to start very big rumour, are actually becoming a rumour in South Korea. Or it's just us being desperate wanting them together.

  2. stay calm. it is not necessary to insult you. everyone has the right to give their opinion anyway lee min ho is still single. he is not in a relationship with kim go eun. i know a lot of fans would like it, but it is not up to you to decide with whom he or she should make their life together or not. After yes they had a good chemistry to play their role as lee had the same thing with all the actresses with whom he has to play, we will be sooner or later if he is in a relationship with someone

  3. ha,ha,ha…finally LIM MIN Ho he propose to KIM GO EUN to marry her i'am happy to see in here yutube that Lim Min Ho and Kim Go Eun was talking in video he ask Kim Go Eun i wanna marry you…..love it atleast she and he become happy together

  4. hello. they are not together. they are just friends. they have toured together 1 time in the drama. and they are staying on good term. lee min ho is always staying friends with fellow friends in her series. now that they are shooting another series you will all speculate on her co-star too. after if it makes you happy to believe the rumor continue. after i like kim go eun.

  5. Kyaa~ I really do hope that they're really dating in real life. All theories shown are a strong lead specially the part that both LMH and KGE and with their agencies are being silent about these said theories. Kyaaa~ could these be that they are really dating in real life? Kyaaa~ I really do hope…… My minggo hartsu 🥺😍😍

  6. I'm so happy to see togheter in the real life!! They're a perfect couple!!! They're an exict actors and lovely persons!!! God bmess them!!!

  7. The lovely and sweet couple ..stay strong together spread much love and happiness to each other..best wishes and god bless you both♥️🌺

  8. Hello thank you for sharing your story. I hope they are I don't t think it is a lie especially with coinsedences, I already told them keep their privacy private because they are like Royal. God bless them right fans .❤️❤️🙏😘🥰🥰💋💋

  9. No matter what happen your relationship im here to support all you done, but my dream i hope you are true together love with each other❤❤❤

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