NHK WORLD TV – Taking Vietnamese Manga to the Mainstream

NHK WORLD TV – Taking Vietnamese Manga to the Mainstream
Across Vietnam, inspired by Japanese manga, dedicated young locals are striving to promote comic culture. At the forefront of these activities is Comicola (short for “comic online alliance”), a firm that posts the work of aspiring manga artists online, before crowdfunding the publishing costs from fans. In the 2 years since the group’s founding, it has already released the work of 17 up-and-coming talents. But not only does a perception remain in Vietnam of comics as kids’ reading material, there are also significant regulatory hurdles that must be cleared to secure permission for publication. We follow this passionate group of creatives striving to change the perception of manga in Vietnam.


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22 Replies to “NHK WORLD TV – Taking Vietnamese Manga to the Mainstream”

  1. Talk about owned…

    This NHK numbskull
    supposedly in Japan relates to viewers what the State Dept. US (read the
    owner of Japan) has advised Americans concerning trouble coming out of
    Sri Lanka.

    Why not tell us all what the government of Nihon advises?

  2. I got really interested on Holy dragon emperor. I would like to read his comic, sounds really good.
    Where can I read or buy it?

  3. Hâm mộ anh chị quá. Ước mơ không chỉ là ước mơ mà nó còn trở thành sự thật =0

  4. cố chút nữa thôi comiccola!cố chút nữa thôi cộng đồng truyện tranh việt nam!một ngày nào đó chúng ta sẽ thành công ;;;;w;;;; phải cho họ thấy việc chúng ta làm không phải là vô ích!!

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