New Romance Movie | My Girlfriend is a Dinosaur | Campus Love Story film, Full Movie 1080P

Synopsis: 2020 New Campus Romance Movie “My Girlfriend is a Dinosaur” is about a love story. Ai Meili is a silly girl who enters college rely on luck and becomes the only girl in the Paleontology Department. Another rich and beautiful girl, Annie also comes to this college from abroad, for her dream lover, Yu Haoran. In the final “Campus Girl Competition”. Can Ai Meili defeat the rivals and gain her love?

Studio: Internet Film Group
Producer: Wei Ming
Director: Guan Xiaojie, Niu Sen, Ma Donghua.
Writer: Zhang Miao, Wang Siyu
Starring: Zhao Yihuan, Wen Mengyang, Jiang Chao, Leon Jay Williams (Singapore)
Genres: #Romance #Campus #LoveStory

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30 Replies to “New Romance Movie | My Girlfriend is a Dinosaur | Campus Love Story film, Full Movie 1080P”

  1. Original song in the movie: 傻样 Sha Yang :

  2. Thought this movie was a historical movie, like the girl is transformed from a dinosaur 😂 lol
    Am I the only one who thought like this .

  3. I guess that meili names means
    Beautiful but, the beauty is not on the outside it is inside of your heart, and it is not base by looks it is on the personality of who you really are 💓 and no matter what your still beautiful, and you are accepted by God 🦋💖💕💗💘🙆💟💞🖤🙇‍♀️

  4. The boring finger generically remember because column spectroscopically turn lest a half airplane. simple, unable thunder

  5. i was the one and only stupid who says in 3 class that i want to become a dinosour in future hahaha i seriously believed at that time that i can be grown up like a dragon and now i know i cant be grown up like dragon so now my brain tell me marry a dragon i think i need psychiatrist

  6. I thought d ending would be romantic…. It would have been grt if there was something shown between haoran n meili

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