Na Yeon "Can't we wait and ride with president?" [Running Man Ep 428]

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47 Replies to “Na Yeon "Can't we wait and ride with president?" [Running Man Ep 428]”

  1. Dude. The running man gang is making SBS money. Adding to that, twice even for just an episode. The president wouldn't mind the ride.

  2. Ugh. Come on. Hahaha.
    It's not the President of South Korea.
    These people make money for SBS every week. A ride is nothing.
    It's good PR too.
    They should have waited and asked.
    Oh whatever. It's a small car anyways.

  3. ive been hooked to twice recently, would love to watch all their variety shows in date order, i wonder if they have that on their vlive videos because im planning to sub on their channel

  4. I wish kang gary is here, I like him to interact with twice which I stan. The timing was just not right. When kang gary leaves, twice got invited often after

  5. i love running man and the member i love kang gary song jhiyo ji sukjin yoo jaesuk joong kook haha kwang soo and i love nickhun

  6. Spoiler alert stop now

    This was the best (funniest) win ever.sweet potato team ambush failed so hard and it was so funny,They took off the wrong name tag and got the bomb one and got eliminated funny af(Jaeseok's plan was the most smartest and extra that I have watched yet)not confident with my grammar)

  7. TWICE and other JYP artist have a good relationship with their executives that they thought all executives are like that HAHHAHAHAHA

  8. Just when I thought Kwang Soo team won, here comes Jae Suk trick on putting the bomb on Sechan and play their act as if Sechan got the ingredient tag. Ahhh I really want Kwang Soo team to win.

  9. Imagine the SBS President right now saying to the driver, "HOW THE FUCK DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN???? TWICE COULD'VE BEEN IN MY CAR!! MY CAAARRR!! poor guy lol… hopefully he didn't get fired after this aired.

  10. Running Man is the most profitable variety show for SBS. During the peak days, it help SBS to wipe out all its debt and start afresh. I am sure the president wont mind.

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