My Thoughts & Opinions On Kylie Jenner Doing Her Own Makeup

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45 Replies to “My Thoughts & Opinions On Kylie Jenner Doing Her Own Makeup”

  1. A good mom? or tons of nanny's aka babysitters to teach her child manners and shit. that's what I believe.

  2. I'VE ALWAYS noticed kylie's eye. I didnt know she had a brow lift but i always assumed it was because of some sort of plastic surgery.

  3. Tim that was really good review, own nothing by her not even her lipsticks, But I want to mention the KVD as the bomb invisible primer you need to check out, It's Amazing and you talk about your eyeshadow will be poping for days, lol xoxolynette3232

  4. Show us how you do your eyeliner. 💖💖 Cuz I have hooded eyes and if I do a wing up I feel like it makes my eye look weird

  5. I heard stormy and I was like damn bitch that’s me but no now I’m disappointed bc I really forgot she named her daughter Stormy.😂

  6. A kpop artist that I'm a fan of has an uneven blink. I find it to be cute 🤷🏻‍♀️ don't know if he did anything tho. Plastic surgery is pretty popular over there.
    Agreed. I love her brow shape as well.

  7. Talking about her eye shape.. "It would be over for y'all" 😂😂 Yes to drunk Kylie makeup vid reaction! 😁

  8. Definitely looking forward to Skelotim reacting to Kylie's drunk makeup tutorial!! I didn't even know she made one……….

  9. You could call it “Trashy makeup artist reacts to…” hahahah totally kidding just thought it was funny

  10. Girl, I was going to say you bein low key shady, but there’s no low key to it..LOL. P.s. you don’t need no brow lift fr fr.

  11. i would like to see her try other other brands as well but Kylie using her own makeup is the same as JS having an 'only wear my merch" dresscode when the camera is rolling. A good brow list shouldnt cause that so …

  12. I know she used all her products but in my opinion if you have your own brand and you don't use your own brand than that tells me you don't believe in your own products so I'm glad she used her own shit. I'm just saying.

  13. Kylie has loads of freckles. She also never posts anything without a filter. Every single foto and video has a filter on it…

  14. New series name: ADM! Aye Dios Mío or Artista De Maquillaje. : (I.e. Kyle Jenner – ADM? Aye Diós Mío ir Artista De Maquillaje)

  15. I know naaadaa about make up. But i love your videos. Just platicando, chismeando ❤️ ahhhhh me encantas! Thank you for keeping us entertained 😊

  16. Thoughts & Opinions works just fine. Thanks for your honest opinions. I’m here for my ringside seat!! 😎

  17. I take forever doing mine too. I take at least an hour 😂😂 I wish I could do my make up in 10 minutes

  18. I think she’s so annoying and I can not stand her voice, but here I am watching it because I’m a good buttery biscuit 🤗😂

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