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25 Replies to “[MV 1080p HD] Lee Hyori – AnyMotion – starring Eric (Shinhwa)”

  1. 애니모션, 애니클럽, 애니스타, 애니밴드.. 요즘 친구들은 애니콜 핸드폰의 시리즈를 모르겠지 ㅎㅅㅎ..

  2. Any motion like basketball or traffic Control can be dance

    MV>Performance, Romance
    Director/ Cha Euntaek
    Stars/ Lee Hyori이효리 (Dancer), Eric (DJ)
    Song/ Lee Hyori이효리 'Any motion'

    See more>> ; MV director & Genre database, Jaview

  3. "im so hot, they call me vampire" but vampires are cold blooded………. 🙁 it should be, im so hot, they call me a werewolf X)

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