MET GALA GOSSIP: The Truth About Solange & Beyonce's Elevator Fight—How To Deal With Toxic People!

Vogue’s #MetGala 2019 is here but the most famous incident from Anna Wintour’s annual party is #Solange’s elevator fight with Jay-Z and #Beyonce. I’ll reveal the truth behind the drama and what really went on…and how to deal with toxic people, dramatic friends and out of control relatives!
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24 Replies to “MET GALA GOSSIP: The Truth About Solange & Beyonce's Elevator Fight—How To Deal With Toxic People!”

  1. Thing is she ain't going to react when the world is watching, cause the press will have info. She knows she can't sort out a mess with the whole world watching. But you have a good point too. Both are probably accurate. X

  2. No one deserves it. Imagine a guy's brother beating up guy's gf because she cheated on her brother. Solange was so wrong for using violence then getting away with it because she is a woman.

  3. I like you…your're smart. I came for the story but left with a much clearer outlook on life. You are right about everything you said. I have a few soul leeches (like the type of person you described) that I just released from my life.

  4. I used to be like one of those people you're describing the ones that bitch all the time without asking others how they are. At the time I wasn't realising what I was doing. In retrospect I'm ashamed of myself but I can tell you that people don't do it on purpose, they just have too much shit going on for them and instead of going to a therapist they talk with friends. If anyone is dealing with a person like that I suggest that you point out what they're doing (in a courteous manner), and I'm sure they will try to Change 🙂

  5. Spit or Swallow? I have never had a boyfriend NOT let me know and push me back before it happened! Never. Maybe it's a black thing? I know for a fact (black male relatives) that what black guys do with black girls isn't always the same as what they do with other races.

  6. Question…. mentally ill prople dont discriminate because they dont have control. So why havent we heard about this from her other relationships? So let's say maybe this was all orchestrated. Maybe there was just a family issue thats not up for public scrutiny. Maybe? I wouldn't describe her as toxic. In my opinion.

  7. Your Theory came to be True audio of the elevator incident recently came out. She was speaking incoherent like shes has mental or Drug Issues it had nothing to do with Jay Z cheating that was all fabricated to protect Solange unstable mind m

  8. This chick is delusional at best! One white chicks and black chick re-act different! Two she does not know these people! Three , these are extremely private people . Go back to the Kardashian’s they put enough of their private lives out there and she might be more accurate!

  9. You all are clearly wrong. Here is what really happened with elevator scene included with audio. Enjoy.

  10. I would LOVE to know, and can not wait for the real reason to FINALLY be revealed. It’s going to come out. Eventually. It has to, right? And man..when it does, I can’t WAIT!! I swear man, this mystery is like the Bermuda Triangle or something!!!! LOL…🤣

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