Manchester City vs. Burnley recap: Things falling into place for Pep Guardiola – Michallik | ESPN FC

Riyad Mahrez scores his first Manchester City hat-trick as Pep Guardiola’s men beat Burnley 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium for the fourth time in a row. ESPN FC’s Janusz Michallik joins Kay Murray to recap a dominant display from Pep Guardiola’s side who after a rusty start of their Premier League season finally look to have taken the shackles off.

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44 Replies to “Manchester City vs. Burnley recap: Things falling into place for Pep Guardiola – Michallik | ESPN FC”

  1. Bit by bit,first good move is giving Sterling some bench time and more attacking than hold up play,their inability to adjust their playing style to suit the opponents is their downfall over and over…

  2. PLS BRING MICHAILIK TO EXTRA TIME OR SOMETHING what’s the point in using him for 5 min with kay Murray when he’s got great analysis

  3. Everyone like this vid so they can keep this guy and not those other ones with no understanding of the true analysis of games

  4. This guy doesn't show bias, doesn't struggle to admit when he's wrong, and is willing to admit mistakes. Pls sell all the other panelists (Stevie, Craig and Morono) and habe him alone with Sid. I would love nothing more than to have those 2 together.

  5. Don't forget that it was Burnley, who seen to throw the towel in without trying even before the kick off every time they play city..

  6. I have been saying this all season that citys best performance will come when mahrez starts performing. The guy is an amazing footballer. Very elegant and highly creative though today it was his scoring that was class today. That de bruyne mahrez duo is very beautiful to watch

  7. Espn legit doesn't do any analysis and make pre mature predictions according to the result. Not even a specific reason why "things are falling into place" all they say is "things are falling into place because city won" they just make it look like they're saying more. If City lose next week espn is gonna release a video talking about how Guardiola has no control in city and how they're in shambles. It's a pattern and it's stupid

  8. Great performance from my boys. Mahrez, Mendy and Ferran Torres all had a point to prove and they did it today but like I said in my post match vid, we just need them to stay consistent. Don RUBEN DIAZ with another clean sheet and making even Stones look good

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