Making Dupont Cables

In this video I show my tools and technique for making the custom Dupont cables I’ve been using in my CPU Build video series. I’m by no means an expert but this was a request.

(USA Amazon, Looks like the same kit)
(UK Amazon, This is exact kit used in this video).

The cable in the video is from Part 36 of my CPU Build series and was recorded on the fly while preparing for that video.


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14 Replies to “Making Dupont Cables”

  1. (USA Amazon, Looks like the same kit) (UK Amazon, This is exact kit used in this video).

  2. Love your work man! I was wondering: where do you buy your cables? I can only find flat cables with certain amount of lines, for instance, 10 or 25. Do you take such cables and cut them to make, for instance, cables that have 4 lines? Is that even possible?

  3. A suggestion: Don't remove the carrier strip from the pins before crimping; clip the pins apart along the carrier and leave the short piece of carrier attached.This helps greatly in aligning the pin in the jaws of the crimping tool (the edge of the strip goes flush against the jaws), and provides a guide against which the wire can be inserted. The carrier can be snapped off after the crimp is complete.
    I also start the crimp before inserting the wire, and find that I can "feel" where the insulation impinges on the portion of the crimp that grips the conductor; I find this to be less aggravating since the pins no longer have the option of bolting for their freedom. But of course YMMV …

  4. I get my crimpers tomorrow. It's been a few decades since I last made cables. Miles of RS232, RJ11 and cat5, a little co-ax but our coax crimper sucked and thankfully that was Appletalk years so there wasn't much co-ax. This should help.

  5. James, what do you use for striping the jumper wires for the breadboards? All I see when you've been creating them on screen is what looks like your twisting something around the wire once you've determined how long it needs to be. Also what gauge wire do you use for the jumpers? Thanks, Drew

  6. Awesomely presented James. Great to see the detail that you go into with your explaining, and also that you didn't edit out the reality of the fiddly challenge we sometimes face when crimping each pin. 🙂 Great stuff!

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