Lý do không nên khai thuế năm 2020 sớm

For many, once tax season comes around, they think it’s best to get their taxes done right away. But did you know that there are also good reasons why someone should not file their 1040 early? In this webinar, Hang Vu will speak on the reasons, including data match of taxes, as well as changes in regulations, so that you can strategically approach your 1040 filings.

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Disclaimer: CommunityCPA, as part of our services to our valued clients, is providing these seminars in order for businesses to cope with the current pandemic. We are not responsible for any damages the attendees or viewers may suffer as a result of following any of the advice or information provided. Although we are doing our best to stay informed, the current situation is very dynamic and the information could change at anytime without any notice. Our information and advice is not legal in nature and should not be construed as such. Please consult your legal counsel if you should need any legal advice.

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