Level1 News March 6 2020: Our Ducks Will Blot Out The Sun

0:41 – China’s Rover Finds Layers of Surprise Under Moon’s Far Side
1:47 – ‘Electronic nose’ could smell breath to warn about higher risk of oesophageal cancer
2:51 – Sadistic Scientists Build a Robot That Can Feel Pain So That They Can Hurt It
4:01 – This Clever Robotic Finger Feels With Light
5:44 – XAG Robot Joins Drone Fleet to Initiate Ground Air Disinfection in Coronavirus Battle
6:58 – Your next tire change could be performed by a robot
7:48 – Microsoft’s Cortana drops consumer skills as it refocuses on business users
8:25 – An octopus-inspired robot arm can handle varied objects
10:04 – People who drive expensive cars behave worse, study finds
11:08 – Starbucks embraces fake meat, starting in Canada
11:55 – Solar storms can mess with whales’ ability to navigate, cause strandings
13:22 – Scientists Find The First-Ever Animal That Doesn’t Need Oxygen to Survive
14:42 – The first Alexa toy is a $300 kitchen for kids, packed with dad jokes
16:31 – Kansas authorities will test your meth for coronavirus
17:31 – Man tells police someone stole iPad he was using to store child porn
18:31 – Van Gogh’s Sunflowers under coronavirus quarantine in Tokyo
19:31 – Pope to Catholics: For Lent, give up trolling
20:27 – Florida hospital employee arrested for sucking elderly patient’s toes
21:47 – Telescopes detect ‘biggest explosion since Big Bang’
23:11 – Shakira and J.Lo: Over 1,300 complaints about Super Bowl halftime show
24:36 – Russia Censors Disney’s First Openly Gay Character From ‘Onward’
25:49 – A woman took 550 times the usual dose of LSD, with surprisingly positive consequences
27:57 – 600-pound sea lion found in Washington woods
29:52 – Doctors plead with embarrassed haemorrhoids sufferers not to put frozen potatoes up their bums
31:15 – Dunkin’ Donuts releases bag of bacon
32:19 – Nearly 40% of beer-drinking Americans won’t buy Corona due to coronavirus, study shows
34:29 – China may send 100,000 ducks to swallow locust plague

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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45 Replies to “Level1 News March 6 2020: Our Ducks Will Blot Out The Sun”

  1. Why does the balding idiot on the right try to look to the others when addressing them. But then just like stairs into the corner of the frame, what the f**k is wrong with him. Is he on the spectrum perhaps????

  2. What masochist sticks icy potato wedges up their bum?!? Everyone knows you're supposed to use Frozen Fingerlings!

  3. The biggest problem is that the 20% that deserve to shuffle off this planet aren't the ones that will… it will more than likely be those that are needed and the people that complain will be stuck with that 20% that are just morons.

  4. I don't know why anyone gets upset by lesbians being in films, they have been in films for years, just more films aimed at adult men ….lol

  5. Anyone else wiping the phone screen because of the little black thing in the middle of the desk? … lol

  6. languages dont always translate verbatim. for example, in enlgish we say 'good morning'. in spanish you say 'good day to you'. no one gives a shit

  7. i wounder who well the tire changing robot will deal with Ford's lug nuts that are made of cheese and swell so they are no longer the size that they are suppose to be

  8. Speaking of something the US government sprayed without consent, st louise was subject to a secret government experiment spraying radioactive particles to the residents for years, to observe the health effects

  9. It seemed like maybe they got worse around here lately, but Ballpark hotdog rolls are chewy as hell, like damn.

  10. chong: "oh wow…. you just ate the most acid i've ever seen anybody eat man in my life"


  11. @30:50 This is how Poutine was originally made…

    And hey, Has no one ever told them that the potato is supposed to go in the front, not the back!

  12. Only Epstein and Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew can have child porn. If your a normal person you go to jail.

  13. As you might be able to tell from my profile pic, I know an industry where the octopus arm grabber thing is going to be very popular.

  14. Pro tip: Say "Koh-VID-19" — tHE MORONIC AI doesnt know what that is.. since "coronavirus" is the popular yet moronic name.

  15. Love the show but you need to learn some journalism 101 and add the word 'allegedly' to your vocabulary. I'm pretty sure that guy that was accused of sucking the old lady's toes is being stitched up. It didn't even sound like you read the story at all, only the headline and first paragraph. That's not the issue though, you shouldn't say he "sucked her toes" you need to say he "allegedly' or was 'accused' of 'sucking her toes'. Just looking out for ya, keep up the great content.

  16. "This thing that shall not be named" – are we being conditioned for Lord Voldemort's return or what?

  17. Living in Orange County, CA, it is indeed a fact that most of the assholes are the ones driving cars that cost $50k+. Unfortunately, that's the vast majority of drivers around here since it's rather wealthy. People are so fucking entitled here.

  18. I heard that in order to blunt the loss, they are changing the name of corona beer to Covid-19 beer. 😀

  19. 3:18 oh noo.😓
    No hurting.😂🤖
    Imagine RoboT Spot from 🤔Boston robotics being 🙄an efficient hunter killer, control by SkyneT 🤔😇

  20. on the people following their gps into weird places because they are stupid note. Me and some friends were up north in michigan on state land driving atvs and dirtbikes and we got some dude in a 300c driving down these trails my truck with 35 inch mud tires is not ideal to go down people are dumb.

  21. The scary question to everyone following the woo-hoo flu-hoo , do mosquitoes carry this fun flu ?

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