LESSONS FROM POST MALONE & ED SHEERAN: Why Ugly Guys Reject Hot Girls | Shallon Lester

LESSONS FROM POST MALONE & ED SHEERAN: Why Ugly Guys Reject Hot Girls | Shallon Lester
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#PostMalone dropped a new album today, #HollywoodsBleeding, and it got me to thinking: why do ugly guys reject hot girls? I’ll spill the tea on #EdSheeran’s notorious f**kboy ways with Victoria’s Secret models, and what to do when you get played by a guy who isnt in your league!

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38 Replies to “LESSONS FROM POST MALONE & ED SHEERAN: Why Ugly Guys Reject Hot Girls | Shallon Lester”

  1. Seems like alot of modern little girls here need to discover kevin samuels 😂 ugly or hansome. Rich people are not as stupid you think. You give away your value to the rich man in 1 day and get shocked he ghost you 😂 aaaaaaaight. A man over 35 with a good income is swimming inn offers ladies. And gold diggers are soooo easy to spot 😂

  2. Oh wow, this channel attracts toxic females. To think you're so entitled, all these comments are just something else. All generalizations about ugly/beautiful people, no individual responsibility. So pathetic to see a bunch of grown adults do a bunch of pissing contests with each other and how "hard their life was because of their beauty" lmao get over yourselves.

  3. If u got only your looks…dont ask for more than your deserve because the ugly guys know they aint growing while investing in u

  4. This is insane!! When a women is ugly we gotta look what’s in her soul when a guy is ugly he’s a predator? You definitely went from an average 5 to 2 real quick.

  5. This is what happens when women confuse their sexual market value with their overall value. Many of you are deluding yourselves into thinking that the male attention (sex starved simps) you receive from your looks is a measurement of your value to all men. Sorry ladies, but you're delusional if you believe that men are biologically designed to pedestalize you. Feminism and modern society has brainwashed you. Tone down the ego and recognize.

  6. Base on your assessment is it okay for guys to do a video saying women are ugly and names the woman who they fine ugly because this is what you're doing hun. Sound like someone hurt you and you are projecting.

  7. So this whole video is about how you preyed upon successful men for their money, and they got rid of you because youre a gold digger.
    Way to call yourself out, you basic broad.

  8. People are stupid for not understanding what she's saying, she's to the point from a woman's prospective. This whole comment section is filled with simps commenting and liking each other's comments, and then they wonder why they don't get women, lmao. Plus she never said ugliness is what a person's face looks like, it's about personality, I mean…

  9. I haven’t started the vid yet but everyone in the comments section is so fussy from this. Watch more Of her videos she’s has great lighthearted content that can actually help people. I’ve learned more in one week from her channel than months of self help videos and advice people on here, take it with a pinch of salt for the parts you don’t like and the rest it typically filled with some incredible insight. Also shame on everyone for making fun of her for her looks and calling her old and telling her not to wear makeup or that she’s got “one good year left in her tops”…. it’s people like you that she helps people like me heal from.

  10. I think Ed Sheeran is sexy, I was listening to him when he only had EPs. I remember trying to drive to Atlanta because he was opening for snow patrol when he first got to the states in like 2012. The concert was only like 35 bucks, I wish I had gone so bad, I thought I was going to be his wife smh.

  11. Ugly guys that end up being successful did so with probably little, no or even negative attention from women, so naturally the "need" for a women's validation disappears over time. So it's not actually bitterness, it's just that they don't want dead weight or to jeopardize the conditions for their success and they've naturally become desensitized to women. But of course, a lot of women (not all) have to spin it in a way that makes the guy completely culpable and seem less than. "Oh, he's just bitter." or "Who hurt you?" no no, he just thinks of you as dead weight which hot women are most of the time. If he's horny and in a bad mood he'll bang you and ghost you after, if he's merciful he'll reject you outright and save you from the bigger ego trip.

  12. wow, well the only good think i can say about this is she is being fucking honest, believe or not most women think the same way, some more other less but is there, the problem with this is most are very good hiding, the chameleon women its very common, more than i really wanted.

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