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Natural Love & Chemistry starts when the first meet in BIFAN Awards when Lee Minho Look at Her and Goeun look at him back the first time they had eye contact.
They are sitted in the front, 2 chairs apart.
Second,when they have a chance to work together in The King Eternal Monarch.
And they build a good friendship they and the other cast.But the dating rumors getting
Strong and making noise as the fans saw
Something beautiful and possible for this
two actors.
But still they are human ,
that what Kim Goeun wants to live.
If that FATE become a reality one day?
then I will be happy for them.
But if that is only COINCIDENCE,
Then we should be happy for them also,
as they have feelings & heart to follow too.
I support both Minoz & Arjenia!!💕
#LeeMinho #KimGoeun #DatingRumors

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27 Replies to “Lee Minho To Kim Goeun Analysis | Dating Rumors | Faith/Coincidence | MinGo20💕”

  1. Lovely.beautiful two.Best of the best actor Lee Min Ho actress Kim Go Eun.I wish you good luck and success.Always support you.Keep up the good work.Ta care always.God bless you both ❤❤❤

  2. I think they both fell in love with each other their expressions showed this reality we support their love ❤️ God bless them together King Lee Min Ho forever

  3. For me…they fell inlove to each other..both single and for the beginning of TKEM good chemistry and compatible ,sincere and honest..i love this couple for the lifetime be together..we wish for the best!!! God bless both of them♥️♥️♥️

  4. All against the odds LMH and KGE will be together in the future LMH destiny- fate is with KGE ☝️. Family is all about loving someone unconditionally 💖🌹👫🙏🤴👸.

  5. LMH and KGE TKEM forever love ❤️👸🤴 Kdrama an awesome story thanks Kim Eunsuk ,directors , ost 🎶 beautiful actors . Netflix original “Hopefully” will be renewed for Season #2 after Woo DW military service . 🌍💖🙏

  6. Yes he did he ended falling in love with kim go eun already finished their drama iits only for the drama hahahahaha

  7. I'm so happy fo their relationship because they do well couple. They're lovely persons. God bless them!!!

  8. I am happy if they go on a date, there's nothing wrong and it's only natural because they're grown. they want to have a normal relationship outside of artist status because it takes a long process to get to know each other, I always support you … for KGE don't worry you are an adult and for Lee Ming ho, be a wise adult man in making any decision .

  9. 🦩🍯🦞🌞🤿🍭🌠🪁💃🕺🕊🎈🌈🍦🦀🌹💐🌊🪐🦪🌌🦨🦦🦧🏇🦔🐿

  10. Fate brought them together with perfect time as they are now both matured in their relationship. This is Destiny indeed ❤️

  11. Im so confused there is so many different stories 1st he mention another actress that he hopes 2 act with that he really wants.

  12. He didn’t fall in love secretly, he fell in love openly for the whole world to see and know, all the posting of her on his IG during their show was to show the world she is now his own and the susbsequent Love song BGMs was for her, he invited fans into their relationship, he wanted to see their reaction if they would support him or not and he got the support he wanted.

    So everyone should just wait for a dating/wedding announcement in due time as they need time together to solidify their feelings and relationship with each other.

  13. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻If their destiny to be each other no one and nothinh can stop them to love tirelessly each other 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  14. This lovely couple are both matured… being aware of how some “selfish” fans will react, surely they want to avoid the hate backlash by being careful of their moves… this is rather sad though. But being very happy when together is so palpable. We can only hope that what they have is truly special. 🥰

  15. The fact that Lee MIn Ho made the first step of posting KGE in his Instagram account it already shows that he is now more matured and determined of his feelings while KGE also made a very good response..Fans now are more matured and understanding..Although they may choose a certain partner for their idols at the end their true happiness is what matters..Lee MinHo had several set backs on his relationships before and KGE was very cautious on her relationship,,If their feelings are true and sincere it will be All against the Odds..At the end let us just pray that they will make the right decisions that will make them happy..But one thing seems to be sure..They make each one laugh their hearts out and be happy..

  16. I really think they are dating BUT no one will ever see them together, especially that is how we know Kim Go Eun will be. Lee Min Ho is always taking walks in the wee hours of 2am to 4am and obviously they will not be seen together..She is so smart

  17. my personal opinion i think the new lee min ho now who is matured change so much first maybe because of the experience in military service and second it said the more you age the more you see the true meaning of life…i think there's already something between the both of them and lee mi ho is willing to share it very carefully but to sense that KGE is holding back on him…we all know how big the fandom of Lee min ho…and once she mention in the interview that she's afraid of the fan that a leading actor she work with if you get more information yourself about the said interview you will understand what I'm saying…. so yeah thats why since cheese in the trap drama she stay low and quit every time her drama ended..specially what happen before in goblin situation…again my personal opinion

  18. LOVED the video!!! 🤗✌ Any chance of slowing the words? I'm not a fast reader and had to rewind each time it came on. Other than that, keep the great videos coming!!!✌👏👏👏💖

  19. thèy look like love each other coz of the movie the king, i think it just the.movie they made, thats why the live its other after that forget each other arm.

  20. one thing is for sure if lee min ho sincere for his feeling to kim go eun he protect to kim go eun from his fans and basher.. because kim go eun have fear the fans of the popular actor.. although Kim go eun have no fear to face all of them but kim go eun doesn't like to hurt somebody… if lee min ho have true feeling for kim go eun he broke to fear her…

  21. Super!!! Отличное видео 👍👍 Прекрасные моменты из жизни Очень Талантливых актёров 👍👍 👍👍👍💫🌟💫🌟🌟

  22. Hoping and praying for reality. ❤❤❤
    Its up to lee min ho who will be brave enough to confirm. ❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

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