lee min ho – kim go eun officially datting ?

video berikut berisi kehaluan penumpang kapal leeggone , this video just for fun ,
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38 Replies to “lee min ho – kim go eun officially datting ?”

  1. Oh, people are shipping him to his leading lady once again.. Remember when people shipped him to PSH? So many fans believed that thay were dating secretly too, and then look what happened now!! I was once a shipper but in kpop and it really hurts when the truth finally slaps you in the face, that you fooled your own self, that you've become a delulu shipper!!

  2. I dont like her for lee min ho.they dont match each other its better park shin hye..i love them so much…they are similarities..

  3. Tq for the video…just amazing both of them…💜💚❤💙
    I really want to they marry soon…
    If mistake in my sentence sorry

  4. Lindos asen muy linda parejas los amooo me encantó la serie es muy romántico saludo desde Paraguay los quiero muchísimo beso 😍😍😘😘❤🙏🇵🇾

  5. Lee MInHo & Ku Hye Sun. Lee MinHo became famous bec of BOF he admitted it when he was in the Phils. Guess his favorite song is My Everything. That was the last episode of BOF. I hope there is project for them it will be Big Time All over the World will be Happy.

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