Lee Hyori Vidal Sassoon

Lee Hyori’s latest CF for Vidal Sassoon (Korea) – how to dress up in 30 seconds

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45 Replies to “Lee Hyori Vidal Sassoon”

  1. best part is when she should be in some party or somwhere….and you can see that she is in room with only three other people.

  2. Lol i've watched this so many times and i still love it.
    It's so amusing xD

    love how her actual closet isn't anywhere near as neat, such a dork : )

  3. LOL its funny to see her closet in her reality show and this closet so different, she so cute and dorky, especially in family outing

  4. No… others are doing well as hyori… Hyori was the leader of Fin K.L. but Ok Ju Hyun is singer and she's doing good Sung Yuri and Lee Jin is now more to Actoresses and their takin drama right now ! 🙂 They came to Hyori's first concert… Did u see that vid ?

  5. lol
    when she takes her shirt off, she takes off the necklace too.
    then suddenly the necklace's around her neck again.. 😛

  6. the other girls in Fin.K.L. must be PISSED…they "unofficially" break up, and Lee Hyori makes it BIG to where she's the highest paid artist in most of Asia…WOW

  7. haha no, not really 😛
    my closet is simliar to hers in OTR BUT it's a bit smaller than hers and my clothes aren't on the ground haha i love how she has to dig out her clothes from the several layers on the ground 😛

  8. hahahaha, i wish the OTR show would show her recording her albums, and shows her a photoshoot or putting makeup on. i like the part about where she picks her dress at this store and tries a lot of them on and stuff like that 🙂 LOL and it's smaller than this one haha. ever since i saw her closet in AnyStar, i wanted the drawer to put my jewellery in and the walk-in closet and all her clothes <3

  9. no, i think this closet is the same as the one in AnyStar, but i'm not sure. but it's definitely not hers. you can see her real closet in the OTR show

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