Lee Hyori – 10 Minutes MV REACTION!!! | She Has The Sauce #DOLO

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28 Replies to “Lee Hyori – 10 Minutes MV REACTION!!! | She Has The Sauce #DOLO”

  1. I'm feeling nostalgic…and OLD!! haha…I think I was in middle school when this song came out and I thought it was cool back then…but looking at it now…I just feel old. Thank you for your reactions. I love how you not only react to current songs, but also older songs.

  2. Lee Hyori was THE female soloist in the 2000's, and it's kind of a big deal that she endorsed Mamamoo as the best girl group nowadays (Hwasa really looked up to her as inspiration). Love her, she's soooo funny and sassy irl. Hope you react to Miss Korea, Bad Girl, U-Go-Girl, and Mr. Big by her – they are bops!

  3. Lee Hyo Ri is one of the legendary singers in Korea.
    This album was released in 2008 and it is a music video.
    I recommend you watch this music video as well.

  4. Mamamoo did medley of sexy divas song at sketchbook with this song included in the medley can you pleaseeeeeeeee make reaction to it 😩

  5. She is the most charismatic and funny idol in Korea, they literally watch every variety show she’s in. You should watch her show Lee Hyori Bed and Breakfast, it’s so entertaining but also healing.

  6. All time top K-Pop visual. Co-Queen of female OG soloist along with BoA. If you ever do any more of Hyori, U-Go-Girl and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang are kinda mandatory. Her live stage with Big Bang in 09 was also one of those all time K-Pop moments

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