Kylie Jenner's Best Mommy 101 Moments | KUWTK | E!

The “KUWTK” star’s pregnancy was “the best kept secret of our generation” and daughter Stormi has changed her life for the better. Watch Kylie’s beautiful motherhood journey on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

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Kylie Jenner’s Best Mommy 101 Moments | KUWTK | E!


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46 Replies to “Kylie Jenner's Best Mommy 101 Moments | KUWTK | E!”

  1. Everyone’s talking about Kris pulling Stormi out of Kylie’s vag but does anyone remember Kourtney pulling one of her babies out of her own vag? That was hardcore 😂

  2. Kylie honestly is such an amazing mother especially in this age most mothers are careless about there kid I'm not saying all but she matured

  3. I really do believe that Kylie still has her personality from her childhood, she just hides it since she has been bullied by the internet.

  4. seriously though i strongly believe that Stormi made Kylie a better person. she seems more mature and i remember when she was with Tyga,she was horrible. she wanted to be with him 24/7 and ignored everyone else. he was not good for her

  5. Kylie talking about insecurities

    All the girls who cried days and nights because of her fake image to younger girls:👁👄👁

  6. This video missed the mark. There are some really GREAT Kylie Mommy moments, shes such a sweet and attentive mom, and I was looking forward to seeing them but didnt see any of that… Better go back to the drawing board guys and try this one again, i think you can do better

  7. I love the Kardashians but they thought that nobody knew that she was pregnant but everybody in the world knew or suspected that Kylie was pregnant

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