Kylie jenner reunites with travis scott

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32 Replies to “Kylie jenner reunites with travis scott”

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  2. Kylie just let Travis take his daughter for a couple hours and go chill, he definitely don't wanna be there with you, I'm sorry but it looks like he don't want you like that sis 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Bro kylie should do asmr for a living her voice so tinkly and quiet and perfect for asmr she should try 😛

  4. So many people are haters and mean. Well they are blessed with money, fame. Most girls nowadays do plastic, Botox and injections

  5. Kylie Jenner you are too too beautiful in the video with Travis Scott and your baby stormi .👍😎❤💙😇

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