Kylie Jenner Dissed By Waitress Over Poor Tip

Kylie Jenner slammed by a waitress claiming she didn’t tip her well. Plus, did Kourtney Kardashia shade Sofia Richie? #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #KylieJenner

Rob Kardashian has become so body confident that he’s now sharing selfies of how he can see down to his feet, as his belly has completely flattened out. Fans are loving his incredible weight loss makeover.

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32 Replies to “Kylie Jenner Dissed By Waitress Over Poor Tip”

  1. First off she is not a billionaire, she only has 900 million dollars. Now the tipping thing should be left for cows. Waitresses are entitled for tips? The restaurant owner made a nice little profit on a $500 sale of food . The restaurant owner should be the one to tip the ungrateful waitress.

  2. I'm going though the comments and I'm hoping and I'm guessing a lot of the people here are young. So they don't understand the restaurant. When you go out and eat your supposed to tip at least 15 to 20%. As a server that's the only way we make our money.

  3. Like why do make two minutes videos like what and I know why because you suck but I still wanna watch you because I have nothin’ else to do okayमल

  4. The rich and famous are hateful.. They don't care about anything or anyone!! They are only concerned with themselves! I would have thrown the food at Kylie and the Beiber twit… It would have been well deserved! Watch out snobs.. Karma is a bitch!!!!!!

  5. This is stupid. I am 100% on Kylie’s side. It shouldn’t matter how much the customer tips you. The customers are not your employers and at least they even thought about giving you a tip instead of nothing at all. If you’re pissed about your salary then go complain to your employer, not the customers. Stop telling people how to spend their own money.

  6. Look at all these females defending no tipping order out I’m sure she could afford to tip right she is a billionaire

  7. Ppl are just greety now in days smh just cause kylie isnt giving out them 100 dollar tips cause she is rich there mad smh grow up people

  8. IMAGINE tipping at LEAST 15% and not 4% 🤷🏽‍♀️ idk that sounds sooo crazy to me. After your server has done everything they could to make sure everything comes out perfect , while helping other tables. A server that has to tip out at the end of the day based on SALES. imagine Kylie giving an extra $50-80 because it’s the right thing to do. How crazy would that be… I’m sure it’ll really hurt her pockets huh. People are way to quick to defend a celeb that doesn’t give af if you’re dead or alive.

  9. Is there any actual hard core PROOF of Kylie only tipping $20? I feel like this waitress is just looking for clout.. I don’t buy it

  10. You guys have successfully killed the self esteem of this girl Kylie . She seems very quiet now and knows shes always been abused and bullied on social media. This is affecting her seriously. Treat her with kindness She's done nothing wrong to anyone

  11. If this is true Kylie who is apparently a multi millionaire can’t tip 20% when dining out this makes me not wanna tip any better lol

  12. She is lucky to get anything. Servers feel so entitled and above everybody in the back just because they get same day tips. The real workers are the preps, cooks, food runners, dish washers and people who prepare side orders as well as leads and managers. All a server has to do is take the order to a customer and get paid. Dish washers bust their asses everyday for them and hear them constantly ask for everything but still don't tip them for on time fishes. A server on a good day can make around $250 in cash. While cooks, dish washers or bussers won't get tipped or hardly ever get tipped anything. They have to wait a week or 2 weeks to get that, so quit feeling bad for these servers they make alright money and get it same day they clock out. I seen somebody spend 400 and only tip $5, I don't see anybody going to a restaurant and pull out a dish washer for tips. Id rather tip them than a server any day of the week, they deserve it more! I pulled out a dish washer and gave them $20 because of people who easily forget about them. So kylie jenners tip is not too bad just because she has 900 million should she tip a crazy amount? No! Besides that greedy ass server would keep the money and not pass it around if jenner decided to say tip $500 in cash she would not let anybody know about it and if she does tip it would be a very cheap amount. It also depends on the service, if its good you get a tip if not you don't get anything. Also managers kind of do screw them over on hourly rates and not let them get paid hourly either. In my opinion that needs to be changed because some slow days they barley get paid anything, and some hourly get paid more, I think if a worker is there 4 hours they should get full minimum wage benefits or give them something so when tax season hits they get paid well. I work in the restaurant business and seen how it gets, cooks and assistants, dish washers and preps also people have diseases or a disability but is expected to move like everybody else, when I make good tips I tip them and dishwashers I typically made 250-300 a night on a weekend, I no matter what tip salad preps, cooks, and dishwashers because of greedy selfish servers who don't really tip anybody. This is why I don't feel bad for most servers but customers don't know how it works and feel bad for them. My bussers get $30 a night at outback steakhouse, I tip dishwashers $20 each when I make good tips. It pisses me off to see them not get tipped anything and why should they work hard for your selfish demanding ass?

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