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20 Replies to ““Kim Jong Un doesn’t like me at all,” says 21-year-old defector from North Korea”

  1. what happened to this kind of "journalism"? now all we get from the press is lies and propaganda of the radical left. The reporter here still has no idea how the North Koreans are controlled.. They don't even have language for things that would make them question.. the state controls words they don't like out of existence. sound familiar?

  2. I am a South African and watched this woman Yeomin Park I tried not to cry but that was impossible tears just flowed at the absolute horror of one man that has been allowed to do this to a nation .Now my question is when,how and who will being an end to this despote .How is it possible to still live like this in a 21st modern day society.

  3. ンンンンんんんふんん、山やママママひそみせみとここけこけけけけここここけけけけけこけけけけけけひひみむむむむみみみみみみみみみみみみみひひせせきききくきききききききききひひひひひひひひひひひひひひみひひすせせせきそむむむむむむむひひひひひひひひそひひひむむむむとむふむめひひひはまなみひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひひくくくくくくくくくくくくくくくくくくくののせせすすせせせせせせせすせせせせすすすすすすすすすすすすせせせすせせせせりるんんんんるるさ

  4. Hint. The USA is every bit as bad as North Korea. The agency abuse is merely much better hidden and targets only certain fully innocent people — so others have no clue. This isolates the victims totally. Then the USA has more in prison than any other allegedly 1st world country. The USA makes huge profits from this. The first group of victims I mentioned are people with zero criminal history. The second group is mixed — some guilty and others innocent and falsely accused. In the USA a false allegation, even after proven false IF anyone cares enough to investigate (which oftentimes is doubtful), is ultimately the same as a proven guilty allegation – the outcome is exactly the same in many cases for the victim (when proven innocent – victim).. Them there is what the is a does to children. It's endless corruption. Sex trafficking also is rampant in the USA and guess who are often the victims — children in the American foster child system. Etc. Seriously. The USA is filthy and corrupt. Hopefully in 2020 it falls to ashes. I am no Marxist, no rioters, no criminal but I know exactly how vile the truth is. It's beyond time the evil corruption that is the USA is brought all the way down. As this January us the time if my death sentence as in the USA the truth matters to no one — I would love to see the USA absolutely crushed — the whole top tier just shattered and crushed and all the corrupt agencies and people just pulverized. This would be as close to perfection as is possible after being victimized by the corruption for numerous years now. If another country takes over that's also evil and corrupt — well it won't really matter or be a difference for those if us who know.. Corruption kills. Corruption is a death sentence. The USA is vile corruption despite this reality being hidden, which only makes it more insidious.

  5. These girls have no idea that they are being interviewed by the very people who are upholding the whole ideology they escaped. Hidden Biden will sell them back to China or Hunter. They only believe they are safe here.

  6. Sadly, Savanah Guthrie wouldn't be allowed to interview Yeonmi now, as she is continuing to speak out about China's support of Kim Jung Un and human trafficking. I highly recommend subscribing to her you tube channel.

  7. it's sad that stuff like this happens everyday around the world and there's nothing I can do to help but donate to organizations 🙁 earth is full of such shitty people

  8. MAybe if mainstream media & so called reporters started to report the news not make it up or edit it most people might have heard this

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