Kang&Nam "A Thousand Words" #KNThousandWords

[KangNam Lovers Christmas Project for WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon & Nam Taehyun]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015 *^^/*
Hope you all can enjoy this little gift from us… 🙂

Special thanks to all Participants :

Music : Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) By ThePianoGuys

For more details about #KNThousandWords

Nguồn: https://collectif-du-chambon.org/

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28 Replies to “Kang&Nam "A Thousand Words" #KNThousandWords”

  1. To: Kang&Nam Lovers

    After a month, I watch this again and I'm still touched by it. Remember their contact each other, they talk each other, and another touch from many vid. Their relationship always make a little smile and warm feeling for me as a viewer whereas I'm just read the words what are they said but I can react to remember when they say that words in moment. It's sweet relationship about TH & SY.. 🙂

    In my opinion, SY – TH – MH  <===>  The Love Triangle, like this:
    TH get playing around and being fun with MN where he comes down and back home, SY always still there for him.

    Sometimes I feel SY like inferior about his own personality than others member, especially MH. He is more like feel that not much people gonna say his name at many category meanwhile TH makes a lot sincere compliment for him.

    The funny thing from what I've seen a lot from another moment, SY get playing around with MH but becomes more mature when he was with TH whereas MN have fun together with TH and become more cute and sometimes like a man when he was with SY.

    How about the left? I think SH is like an all-round player, he can act as many side. So, I'm definitely understand why is he called a truly mother, like Minho said before. The oldest member, JW just like a girl who always make a cheer for his family with his awkward mind.

    The melody of song for this words also smart and best to make the words more mean. I'm gonna say your vid is best to focus on what are they said then try to remember their moment. Another vid from you about soulmate is great. I'm still waiting your another vid about this lovely guy. ~(^.*)v

  2. Waaow, I love this vid. Even this vid not show pict of them, that sentences..that words..always in my mind. I remember all of that they say before and this vid makes me more love with their friendship. Love this bromance.. :-*

    Just by moment, TH maybe looks close and fun with MN but when with SY, their talk more personal and not many words on them. Like iglo, cold at outside but we can feel more warm when we stay in. Love love love..

  3. I can't with this, I'm crying now. The way they both care for each other so much, I love them. Thank you for this beautiful video

  4. • ''I actually feel closest to you out of all our team members ,me too …''
    • ''becuase our families,and backgrounds are similar ….''

    wait … I'm crying T^T 

  5. There's just something about the way Seungyoon and Taehyun talk about each other, it's so intimate and personal. SO PRECIOUS ;___;

  6. seungyoon & Taeyhyun's friendship is so special n beautiful. they are real soul friend. when listening to their harmony, i feel completely heaven. looking forward to seeing their unit album. thank you for sharing this~~

  7. Thanks for bringing me in tears.
    The unforgetable words for me is…
    "He is a leader who work with us instead of ordering us what to do."
    This is so cool.

  8. i wonder how did you even came up with this idea coz your idea is so adorable like KangNam. thank you for sharing the love of Taehyun and Seungyoon, more power! ^^

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