Jimmy Dore on Bernie Sanders, the CARES Act + the Dems Ditch Civil Liberties | Useful Idiots

Jimmy Dore joins the show to deliver blistering remarks on Bernie Sanders, the CARES Act and more, plus a discussion of Dems and civil liberties.

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43 Replies to “Jimmy Dore on Bernie Sanders, the CARES Act + the Dems Ditch Civil Liberties | Useful Idiots”

  1. "If the death rate's under 1% I think we're overreacting." So if 30 million people died, then we're overreacting… This is why I don't watch Jimmy Dore. He often asks the right questions, but doesn't comes to rediculous conclusions that I think even he would find rediculous if he took the time to think them through.

  2. An institution worse than the Democratic Party, more dangerous, more destructive to the people of our country is the Federal Reserve Bank. It has a longer history of harm. At least, during the 1930s, the Democratic Party passed progressive legislation. The Fed caused the entry of the US in WW1 and enforced reparations on the Germans that brought us WW2. It has provided the financing for the MIC and our endless wars since WW2.

  3. There is no American who has saved more American lives and lives world-wide than Ralph Nader. I have had an automobile accident and was saved from injury and possible death by my seat-belt and by other protective modifications of my car because of Ralph Nader.

  4. Remember, Sanders never was what he has been credited as being: an anti-war progressive. He is not a person who paid attention to the best people of our country; for example, he repeatedly ignored efforts by Ralph Nader to correspond with him. Finally, he is not a thoughtful person. He s a politician. His principle interest is self-promotion.
    He is not the only betrayer of fervent progressive hopes. There is also Tulsi Gabbard. She followed Sanders in endorsing Biden upon her withdrawal from the presidential nomination.

  5. @29:00 It helps to think that there's no difference between the parties, that is, at least their leadership believe in less Govt intervention and little regulation as possible and private business doing Govt. Responsiblity.

  6. Watch recent The Jimmy Dore Show video (on the topic of Rolling Stone president endorsement — just CTRL+F for "Rolling Stone" on his channel) to see him mention how they cut this episode, removing parts of his statements. You can clearly see the cuts. And you can clearly see the cuts on every episode of Useful Idiots I've seen yet, so most of them since June 🙂 Hope they go independent and don't have to stomach this shitty editing

  7. The only significant organization pushing against the surveillance is the EFF. Literally, it's the largest one that does it, and I'm pretty sure it's largely unknown to the general public

  8. I love Jimmy but isn't Tulsi a kind of proof that Bernie would not have done better if he had followed Jimmy's adwise?

  9. Jesus, Jimmy is delusional. He's putting his insecurities and cynicism onto other people. Bernie is not perfect made a crap ton of mistakes that cost him the election. But to say him and other progressives are some corporate shills? Like he's some phony? Get real.

  10. we love u guys jimmy is our man cant we just start our own govt and just exclude the current fake govt ,sorta like they do to other countries ,they useless idiots all of them are worthless ,they are a soap Oprah /reality show ,in their own little world . we are just ''extras'', to them they want to direct , and throw crumbs to

  11. pick any number and say ,''new cases'' , and google it ..ex;.(6742 new cases) and see what happens ,do it a few times with different #s its kinda suspicious

  12. Anyone still voting Democrat at this point is actively obstructing progress and speeding us toward extinction. I have zero patience for the vote blue no matter who contingent at this point, whatever their excuses. It's time to wake the hell up or get out of the way. #DemExit www.peoplesparty.org

  13. If a third+ of the population makes the choice not to take care of their health thus are negligently coming down with life-long diseases like diabetes and medical bills that are 10 times what mine are why in the hell should i, a responsible person be forced and coerced to pay into a socialized communist medical plan? Answer me that jimmy dore.

  14. Jimmy Dore is awesome…he exposes Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Schiff as frauds….Biden is going to be our next president after he defeats Trump on NOV 3

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