is the always pan worth it?

In September 2020 I was gifted the Always Pan by Our Place with no obligation to post, and I decided to cook with it every day to see if it really lived up to the hype! The Always Pan is marketed to be a “do-it-all wonder is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware.” It’s been sent to SO many influencers (including myself) and has been sold out numerous times with a ton of rave reviews.

The Always Pan:

When I first received it, it was priced at $150 CAD on their website, then I checked again in November where it was priced at 180 CAD, and now it’s at $195 CAD. As far as I know it seems to be the same product? I know there has been changes from the first version (sold around $100 USD), but from the one that I received in September vs the ones they’re selling now, I haven’t seen any updates to any changes to their pans.

For what it’s worth, I’ve heard their customer service is generally pretty good about sending you a new one if your pan gets “defective” but at least 3 of you told me you were sent replacement pans, and while that’s good customer service, 3 seems to be a high number of people within my audience to have had to seek customer service help.

0:00 Intro to Is It Worth The Space
0:53 Transparency about receiving the pan
1:29 Always Pan Specs
3:52 Discussing the Cost (from Sept 2020 to Jan 2021)
5:00 My Experience with the Non-Stick surface of the Always Pan
8:27 Design Issues
18:09 Is it worth the space?

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49 Replies to “is the always pan worth it?”

  1. I disagree with your statement about multi tasking items doing a poor job of each task. Check out the InstaPot! But I agree with your assessment of the always pan. Way, way, way over priced, only suitable for 1-2 people not a family, nonstick coating is extremely delicate. It looks pretty but is not deep enough to really steam, unless you order a $30 bamboo steamer. I agree about the extra handle needing heat resistance. Thanks for a great review. Wish I’d seen this before buying the pretty little pan

  2. This pan sucks so bad.. I’ve never had so many issues with pan. I have to give it to the advertising team for getting influencers to push this shitty pan. Lol. My wooden stick got burnt and turned black from sitting it on the handle where they literally advertise it to sit (to replace the spoon rest). My pan also started sticking really bad after 3 months.. the non stick stopped working. Not to mention when I bought the product they sent me one that had chipped paint in the ceramic lol


  3. I’m reminded why I followed this channel (aside from being a fellow vegan) ♥️ I appreciate reviews like this so much!

  4. You did a great job. I just got a Ninja Never-stick and I could have gotten a whole set for the price of an Always pan. As far as the Never-stick, so far, so good. I like being able to use metal utensils and being able to wash it in a dishwasher.

  5. This is a really useful review. I really value my space and want my chosen items to be very hardy. If I had a kitchen space that focused on aesthetic, that would be a lovely piece. But an art piece for a kitchen for one, perhaps.

  6. Great review! Long term reviews are the only useful ones on non-stick pans. They all work great when they are new. This was really helpful.

  7. Girl, you totally wouldn’t buy it! You clearly do not think it is worth the money and I completely appreciate Yhe time you took to tell us all about it. Plus, it is SO SMALL! What is it really good for?

  8. Best review Ive seen on this pan. The only thing I didnt see addressed here is that ot cannot go in the oven. At $200. It should be able to go in the oven.

  9. Ugh finally an honest review!!!! I bought the pan in December and its RUINED. The non stick was definitely sticky after 2 weeks… my friends haven't had the same experience so they're sending a new one but I'm definitely bummed out.

  10. Not worth the price…even for a relative amateur…and especially not for a professional. And no novice cook should buy this. Buy an All Clad stainless skillet for approximately the same price and you will get one of the greatest pieces of cookware and it will last a lifetime

  11. this is the most accurate and relatable review! I also used the pan everyday for 2 months and it lost its nonstick quality 🙁

  12. -P.S. You're not being critical! It's $200!! (that's halfway to a low-end vitamix!) I personally need my stuff to work. I'd be so upset if I actually bought this pan! You are a wallet saver!

  13. Thanks for the review! I have been super curious about this pan because it's so pretty and you're the perfect reviewer because we have similar fusses and spending habits. I totally feel you about the steamer situation. Plus the basket appears so low that it's actually boiling the veg and not steaming. And yes, the bamboo steamer basket from the asian market is waaaay cheaper! That's what turned me off from the brand altogether. Your thorough review rocks, Lisa! It totally backs up everything I've concluded after all my research on this pan from other influencers and reddit. Thanks again!

  14. This was the best review I’ve seen. I have watched so many videos but yours is hands down the most thorough. THANK YOU. Almost got sucked in buying one.

  15. whenever I hear a pan being like 'I can replace X amount of pots/pans' I feel like 'why? Unless it's a one pot meal, I need 2-3 pots and pans at the same time', so it would just end up taking as much space as another pan, evne though it supposedly has more uses.
    With other applianecs such as foodprocessor/blender type things, I can see the advantage of it, because I would rarely need to use both at the exact same time.

  16. very pretty pan but waaay over priced, I had a ceramic coated "non stick" pan that was non stick at first but the non stick wore off quickly and now does that same oil thing you mentioned but much more as we use it to cook with at all heats and sometimes accidentally burn things, so I'm thinking maybe the non stick coating on this pan was of this same "ceramic non stick coating" type that reacts differently but that has less chemicals than a traditional non stick pan but also needs to be cared for differently.

  17. Someone had to say it and our girl did!!! I almost got it and was waiting for a someone to be honest and real. Thank you!

  18. Ok ok I was going to buy this pan thinking about it for months now but the other day I saw another video her pan is totally ruined! Im sorry but for that money you should at least be able to cook on med to High heat I like my steaks crispy on the outside then ill turn the flame down also I would baby it but I'd be leary of the heat being too high where the bottom outside of the pan starts to come off the color would get ruined plus when washing it 🙄🙄I wash my dishes with Scalding hot water and whos to say color coating won't come off? 🤔
    Also I wanted the red one but the price says $180.00 I said this to the company but they say which site were u on? Like WTF plus it looked like at checkout i was charged TWICE for TAX! Again WTF!!!!!🤬🤬🤬
    ALSOOOOOOO now I hope your sitting down for this one…. it says its made in China , now I love China I support them for personal reasons but whos to say the material they use really is NON Toxic or bpa free whatever the hell it's called or supposed to be really is which we won't go there due to shadiness when it comes to making certain things in China
    So then I read online its made in the USA, THEN INDIA, WTF .. WTF .. WTF .. IS GOING IN HERE >>>>its bad enough the company DONT EVEN HAVE A TELEPHONE LIKE WHATTTTTTT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
    this has to be a joke? Its NOT, Any company that don't have a real working phone number shouldn't even be allowed to run a business! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣im trying to keep my sanity here so with all that said its seems very odd to me at this point so even if the pan Was only $60.00 I'd still be skeptical not sure what to do at this point i have high hopes for this pan but im not sure ill buy it now
    At H mart I saw Great $25.00 dollar made in Seoul Korea its good quality too seems good non stick i think ill take my chances with that one
    Good luck to who ever buys this I truly hope it works out for u!💐

  19. Thank you for reviewing this pan, Lisa 🙂 I was curious about it but had only been able to find sponsored reviews that seemed at least partially scripted. I've had a few cheap nonstick pans that canola & even avocado oil polymerize in, and those pans have always wound up nonfunctional in the nonstick department, even without using baking soda or metal/scratchy sponges 🙁 I have a $50 pan that remedies the same small sink woes that they were trying to fix with the combo streamer & strainer idea by just having spouts on the side of the pan and a lid with a larger lip that has straining holes built in, where you can just turn the lid not to line up with the spouts when you need to steam things that seems more effective. I hope the company uses feedback to work out some of the kinks though. The way they stack seems awesome for a small kitchen.

    Completely unrelated, but do you happen to remember which shade of eyeshadow you were wearing here? It's gorgeous & just what I've been trying to find in a vegan formula!

  20. I just returned my always pan for all the reasons you brought up. I had to try it for myself bc the marketing seemed too good to be true!! Thankfully they have a great return policy lol

  21. Thanks for sharing this!! I was really eyeing on this for awhile but was iffy about it! I think ur paying for the look not much of the functionality 😅

  22. Thanks for the review Lisa. I figure if I have to replace the pan in, say 2 years, I can just pay upfront and invest in an All-Clad. I can use a whisk and stuff it in the oven.

  23. Thanks for the thorough review.. I inherited a cast iron Dutch oven fry pan from my grandmother; it's a regular shallow skillet paired with a deeper skillet that functions as two skillets or a Dutch oven. I keep it well seasoned and use it all the time. However, for certain specific oil-free recipes calling for a nonstick pan, I also have a $40 pan by Ozeri, which I purchased on a recommendation from Mic the Vegan on YouTube. The nonstick surface seems durable, and I follow the manufacturer recs and I like it a lot for crisping pressed tofu and some other recipes.

  24. i found it difficult to care for the wooden spoon. even just washing it for a few seconds in warm water causes the wood to expand and it no longer fits nicely in the spoon rest… like the lid doesn't sit nicely once the spoon expands

  25. I like having one very nice pan that I keep on my stove and I often use it to boil noodles and stuff, so this sort of apeals to me, but especially because the pretty finish and non stick don't seem to last forever I would maybe buy it if it was like $60-$80 (us) … the steamer basket isn't impressive to me. I think they're pretty and they have a good ad campaign, very glad to see enough reviews to see it's not a total "scam" but not really right for me.

  26. Again, your make-up is perfect. You are a beautiful woman, but lately you look like a model. I think your review is your honest opinion – as a review should be!

  27. I'm finicky too!! And easily tossed off the fence. Taking this one off my list….thanks for posting. I'm a subscriber!

  28. have you checked out any of the lighter weight cast iron pans? They are really nice. Look up The Field Company. And also look up Stargazer. Both companies make lighter weight cast iron. I love pans by both companies but I have one of the Field Companies pans and it's really great to cook with.

  29. Is this pan ok to cook oil free in? If I used broth or water as needed? I wonder if it would have the same problem. I always cook on low to medium heat myself too, there's no reason for me using non stick with no oil to go higher

  30. I've watched a lot of reviews of this pan, I think mostly non-vegans so it's nice to see a vegan perspective. I had basically decided against buying an Always pan before watching this, but your video confirmed my decision. Also – sometimes you need to use more than one pan at a time so it really can't be the always pan for everything can it? If they fix the heat safe thing I might reconsider. Hope they update their product. Anyway thanks for this review.

  31. All valid points!! As a professional chef, I too love functionality over aesthetics. I knew from the moment I heard about this pan it was overhyped! Different pans exist for different reasons. Thank you for such an honest review, coming from someone who cooks a lot🙏🏾

  32. I love the way that you think about the pan and analyze it on this video. I guess I just like the way that you think. This video was very instructive.

  33. I have watched so many reviews about the always pan and this was the most accurate and real description of this product. I love love love that it is a woman owned brand, but if the product is useless (which it is) and needs a lot of work to make it become a staple, I definitely will not be buying it.

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