Improve English fluency Speaking | English Communication Skills | Practice English Conversation ✔

Improve English fluency Speaking | English Communication Skills | Practice English Conversation ✔
How to learn to speak English fluently? Talk to yourself whenever possible: Write down all the points which you want to remember: Read as much as possible: Try to improve the context skills: Practice is the key: Try to make connections with the words: Make use of mnemonics: Keep searching the new words.
In this video, we will help you speak English fluently, English communication skills, through real conversation. In addition, you also learn English vocabulary quickly, effectively, and easy to absorb.
00:00 Prescribing Medicine
00:46 Taking a Urine Sample
01:31 Seeing the Doctor
02:15 Seeing a Doctor in an Emergency
02:54 Not Feeling Well
03:37 Making a Doctor’s Appointment
04:20 Having a Blood Test in the Lab
05:01 Changing an Appointment Time
05:44 Calling in Sick
06:27 Filling Prescription
07:12 A Toothache
07:51 Going to an Emergency Room
08:39 Health Insurance
09:29 How to Stay Healthy
10:12 Asking the Doctor Questions
10:57 Taking an X-Ray
11:42 Physical Check-up
12:22 Blood Pressure
13:08 Having a Cold
13:50 Going Home Early Because Of Being Ill
14:32 Discussing Test Results
15:15 Calling about Test Results
16:00 Buying Over-the-Counter Medicine
16:48 A Stomachache
17:29 A Medical Emergency
18:10 How to Buy a Pass (1)
19:01 How to Buy a Pass (2)
19:55 How to Buy a Pass (3)
20:35 Where to Change the Bus (1)
21:26 Where to Change the Bus (2)
22:12 Where to Buy a Pass (1)
23:00 Where to Buy a Pass (2)
23:42 The Bus System (1)
24:28 The Bus System (2)
25:08 Student Discount (1)
26:06 Student Discount (2)
26:51 Missing the Bus Stop (1)
27:37 Missing the Bus Stop (2)
28:17 Complaining about a Late Bus (1)
29:03 Complaining about a Late bus (2)
29:52 Asking for a Transfer (1)
30:29 Asking for a Transfer (2)
31:12 Taking the Bus for the First Time
31:58 Which Bus to Take (1)
32:40 Which Bus to Take (2)
33:27 Where to Take the Bus (1)
34:16 Where to Take the Bus (2)
34:59 Why to Buy a Pass (1)
35:44 Why to Buy a Pass (2)
36:24 Talking on the Bus (1)
37:20 Talking on the Bus (2)
38:06 On the Wrong Bus (1)
38:56 On the Wrong Bus (2)
39:43 Getting Off Too Early (1)
40:23 Getting Off Too Early (2)
41:06 Where to Get Off (1)
41:51 Where to Get Off (2)
42:36 Paying the Bus Fare
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11 Replies to “Improve English fluency Speaking | English Communication Skills | Practice English Conversation ✔”

  1. I so excited with this lesson but it’s so faster to follow it back while reading. Can someone make it slow so I can follow it back?

  2. Good job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 that's it, I've been having sweet times encouraging and helping my students to achieve this goals, 'cause learning English requires also a constant practice and patience

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