I modded the Bernie Sanders Meme into EVERY Game 2

We back with more Bernie and doing double the mods!


Bernie Model by Joe

Bernie voice


Moto Racer 4, Inside, Witcher 3, Soulcaliber 6, Sekiro and Rock of Ages 3

Resident Evil 3
MrMacro –

Flight Sim


Jedi Fallen Order

Among Us

Spongebob BFBB and Fall Guys
Junior –

Jacl –

Outro Music
Prod by ANH


Nguồn: https://collectif-du-chambon.org/

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40 Replies to “I modded the Bernie Sanders Meme into EVERY Game 2”

  1. Why is the Bernie meme even funny? To me, it illustrates how little it takes to entertain today’s extremely simple minds.

  2. Now here's a story about a guy who worked at a mute and paraplegic orphanage one night she was smoking a cigar by then gas station nearby next to the mute paraplegic orphanage whenever he accidentally lit the whole place on fire the screams of hundreds of mute death and paraplegic kids surrounded the place and then the man can never sleep again cuz all he could only hear the screams of the mute death and paraplegic children and that is the story of the mute death paraplegic killer

  3. Bernie sander hasn’t even touched 1% of his power. It is why he is still sitting on the chair and not moving an inch..

  4. The force is strong in Bernie he doesn’t even have to get out of his chair and did you see the way that lightsaber was moving

  5. This is brilliant! I know you said this is the last one but may I suggest putting Bernie in Spiderman and Kerbal Space Program? I desperately need to see him floating through space and swinging through the skies in his little chair.

  6. Inside's def the best one. The stark contrast between the masterfully crafted ambience and atmosphere of the main game and Bernie is palpable

  7. Need hitman bernie and rdr2 bernie lol.

    Oh and for the love of god someone please dig up the weekend at bernies trailer and swap out bernies.

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