I Am Marketing Director of Property Developer ! I'm Your Boss you Lost your job r/IDontWorkHereLady

I Am Marketing Director of Property Developer ! I’m Your Boss you Lost your job r/IDontWorkHereLady


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I Am Marketing Director of Property Developer ! I’m Your Boss you Lost your job r/IDontWorkHereLady

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43 Replies to “I Am Marketing Director of Property Developer ! I'm Your Boss you Lost your job r/IDontWorkHereLady”

  1. Still amazes me that some people don't realize a mirror in a waiting area isn't there just for decoration or like the one everyone has at home lol

  2. Remember over half the top good high paid jobs in the world have been got by big headed people lying about things!
    They normally get and keep those jobs because they know that most top companies don't do the right
    background checks and reference checks they should due to the company working on limited time to check and just excepting the words of the person applying.

  3. No one lies about where they working while they're working. They may lie about how much knowledge they have on a product and hand you over to another employee because they don't have the energy to deal with you, but never about actually working.

  4. A Karen that is that quick to pull out a checkbook because someone said they need to or cops will be involved…after looking at the cameras and door……tells me this isnt the first time and she probably has a record for simular situations.

  5. my dad sells cars for a living (has been for 20+ years) and even he never wears a suit. Not even a tie. He wears a collered shirt (usually with dealership name).

  6. Sometimes having a chip on your shoulder means you are an asshole to innocent people instead of just prejudiced jerks who deserve your ire. Make sure you actually know someone is a jerk before you assume it.

  7. First story: lady threw out the Race Card before he even DID anything, let alone prove he did work at the dealership. Sounds like she was already syked up to have to deal with bullshit, but ended up firing off early.

  8. Story #1 it would have been glorious day at court if the entitled racist c*** didn't not have the $600.00
    Story #2 annabelle is one of those fake till you make it criminals, unfortunately sometimes an idiot company would hire her.

  9. I got bored with the first story, went way overboard in describing the "antagonist". Took him two paragraphs to do it when a simple "karen" would do.

    Listening to the first person in the story was actually making me believe he was the karen. I didn't finish the story and just fast forwarded to the second story.

  10. The last story. I had this question about people who go into a place and say they "know the owner" without even being able to recognize the owner. Hey you know who usually knows the owner…the employees. And assuming you are not currently talking to the owner, they can always check to see if they know you.

  11. I'm dying to see what you look like. Your voice is just wonderful, so it'll be interesting to see if your face is what myself & others are imagining. 😁

  12. Heard the second one before. still good. On the first story… If I am wearing a tie and someone jerks my head down a foot they are going to get a throat punch.

  13. 1st Story:
    Mr. High&Mighty Lawyer points out Karen's use of "salesmens", yet earlier in the post he says "us and a local instagrammer were…"
    It's "we", not "us".

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