How to Use Track Changes in Microsoft Word

This tutorial provides a basic overview of how to use Track Changes in Microsoft Word, including creating insertions, deletions, format changes, and comments, as well as accepting and rejecting other reviewers’ markups.

This video was filmed in Word 2016. However, the steps are the same in Word for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Word 2019, Word 2013, and Word 2010.

0:00 Introduction
0:46 Turn On Track Changes
1:11 Display Track Changes
2:51 Delete Text with Track Changes
3:02 Insert Text with Track Changes
3:17 Replace Text with Track Changes
3:30 Change Formats with Track Changes
3:50 Accept or Reject Markups with Track Changes
4:54 Insert Comments
5:39 Delete Comments
6:20 Display the Reviewing Pane

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27 Replies to “How to Use Track Changes in Microsoft Word”

  1. This tutorial is for anyone who is new to Microsoft Word's
    Track Changes and anyone who may need to brush up on a specific Track Changes
    topic. You can find the corresponding blog post at

  2. What a clear video explaining track changes. When everyone (in a team for example) has finished tracking changes do you just accept or reject them, as appropriate, and then just turn it off by clicking on the "Track Changes" icon? I always seem to get documents with the changes down the side and can't "switch" them off! Thanks in advance, this video has gone a long way to me understanding the subject.

  3. The best 7 minutes of my time today were the ones I spent watching this lecture. So succinct and straight forward.


  4. Thank you Erin. Concise, crystal clear and neatly illustrated. I appreciate the fact that it is available in written format too. Thank you for the time and effort.
    Ian Crawford

  5. This tutorial was very well done! You confirmed everything I needed to know about the Tracking Changes feature. THANK YOU, Erin!

  6. How should I remove the "reviewer's name" for each comment? I want the original writer to see the comments only, not the name of the reviewer who made the comment.

  7. I frequently receive documents that have been previously edited by another person. The prior person's edits, for example, show as red for additions and blue for deletions. I want my edits to be in another color other than the colors chosen by the prior editor. However, I cannot find a way to create a third color for my additions and a forth color for my deletions. Is there a way to create other colors for my edits or is this not an option in Word.

  8. Thank you for such an enlightening and informative video, Erin. How do I go about sending a clean copy once I'm done editing? By clean copy, I mean a copy without the markups.

  9. Hi…how can I fill in color to a pdf drawing of tank?which is showing small rectangles and I want to fi ll color in certain blocks where the work is done. How I fill color in to that ?please help

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