How To Setup Windows 10 On A New Desktop Computer Or Laptop In 2020

This Is How To Setup Windows 10 On A New Desktop Computer Or Laptop From Scratch, or this is how to set up your new computer laptop out of the box Or If You Just Installed Windows 10 This Is The Best Setup Process I Gathered Over The Years.

Note: This video is about setting up Windows 10 after you purchase a new computer or if you just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10. This video is not about the installation of Windows nor it is the process of factory resetting Windows 10, for re-installing Windows 10 or creating an installation media, please go to my other videos mentioned below 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

👉For Program Download Page:

👉For The Full Setup Process From Creating The Bootable USB Drive Media TO The Setup Go TO The Full Playlist Here:


👉For How To Install Windows 10 From Bootable USB Flash Drive From Scratch:


👉For How To Download & Install Windows 10 Media Installation On Bootable USB Flash Drive Go To:

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👉My Mic 1 (I Use This For PC On Screen Recording )

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👉You, Will Need This XLR Cable To Connect That Mic To The Interface For The PC Recording .

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32 Replies to “How To Setup Windows 10 On A New Desktop Computer Or Laptop In 2020”

  1. I'm going to help my grandmother setup her computer and this is so helpful, I forgot what the basic Windows is like because I'm so used to customizing my laptop over the last 5 years, it barely resembles a Windows OS at all. 😅

  2. Thanks for this video dear friend. I subscribed your channel before you said it in the video but I really liked the way you asked for it so genuinely without any pressure. Keep posting these videos and stay same we really need ppl like you who are ready to share their knowledge and experiences with ppl like me so generously. I will certainly share your channel link on my social media also for ppl who need genuine videos about computers. Thanks for being there 🙏👍❤️

  3. I don't understand about the internet. I'm using a Wi-Fi so I can't connect to because there is now Wi-Fi logo there. How do I connect to it?

  4. ok, so i have watched and listened to this several times. i just wrote down on a piece of paper every step you describe. i bought a ew computer from walmart, and after i study this procedure a few more times, i wil go to my new computer and follow your tutorial. It sounds like a geat way to set up the new computer, I will come backand let you know how i did. thank you, it loks good !……..Doug

  5. This video is useful because I am getting my next Windows laptop for school/home if I buy it from Walmart brand new.

  6. Will my stuff from my old pc get transferred to the new pc when I log in using my Microsoft account on the new pc? I logged in to the old pc with my Microsoft account by the way.

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