How to run an AC unit on solar power

Experimenting with Harbor Freight solar panels. Just laying out the equipment that I got as a beginner for a system that works off the grid.

Updated video with corrected content
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Solar Panels — Charge Controller– batteries–Inverter– air conditioner.

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36 Replies to “How to run an AC unit on solar power”

  1. Gotta love all the comments I’ve gotten online and from people in person saying—
    “you can’t just run an a/c on solar panels”.
    So you can run a whole house including lights, TVs, a/c, and all other appliances—but not ONE A/C window unit by itself…
    The question is—
    HOW is that best done…I know it can be done…

  2. Good job man. First step is just to make it happen there’s to many people on YouTube that sit on there computers all day being haters on everyone else whos making stuff happen. I’m sure your family was loving the AC. Great job.

  3. For anyone watching this in 2020 I have a 100watt harbor freight panel it works perfectly fine. But those 35ah batteries they sell are over priced for their capacity. I ended up getting rich solar panels they are $80 each for 100 watts and they are much better quality. And I got a big 60amp epever controller because I want to do 1500 watts at 24v 👍🏻

  4. You can do it you just need more storage of power to run them invest in more battery bank and maybe another set of panels it will work you just got to have the equipment to push it. Great try , just keep trying always with solar is more battery storage.thanks for sharing your project.

  5. So I wanna do this so I can run AC at my apartment. I just have one Portable AC floor unit. What would I need just to power one? I wanna mount the solar chargers in my window

  6. boy you're going to need more than that . you're going to need like couple batteries connected in parallel all those solar panels connected together

  7. daaaaamn. i honestly feel sorry for you.. about $1,000 down the drain………….. on the bright side, i almost pissed my pants laughing.. to run an A/C on solar is a joke. yes it can be done but not cheap anyone who says it can be done cheap is a liar or has no clue. a descent battery bank is going to cost a few thousand dollars, enough solar panels is over a $1000 (roughly $1 a watt). with that big of a set-up you need a good MPPT charge controler thats another couple hundred dollars. cables, not gonna guess, maybe another couple hundred. now you need to build your breaker/fuse system. 2000 watt power inverter another $1000, shut off switch, relays, fuses.. all that to run a small window a/c 24 hours a day. and thats in perfect sun. also as a good rule of thumb, you want 25 to 30% extra panels than needed for those cloudy days…. ($5,000 to $7,000 to run a A/C unit for "free"). nope… screw going green. buy a generator for under a $1000 convert it to propane. you can run at least 2 small window units, deep freezer and maybe a bigscreen t.v.. (for about $2000 get the generator, convert it to propane and a years worth of propane) with the $3,000 to $5,000 dollars you saved you can buy a descent used car or take the family on a vacation.

  8. For the amount of money you spent you probably could have bought three or four solar panels 100 watts each instead of having 12/ 25 watt panels

  9. 4:36 "all TWELVE of these panels"
    Ok, now that math makes slightly more sense 100×12=1200.
    1200 watts is no where near 300.

  10. Do not critize this man so blindly for his methods. instead kindly offer your advice. We must better each other as people

  11. show us , your aircon is working fine by getting the solar energy and convert DC /AC … what is the brand of your air conditioner

  12. I try to make work a portable AC. With 5 batteries bank 35 ah each and a 3000 watts Jupiter inverter but when kick on compresor the inverter come off I don’t know how you make that work with a couple batteries 🤯

  13. That good trying… But you will find that you need a lot more batteries to run AC on solar system.. Trying to add battery one by one until you get right amount of it and you can run AC 24 hours for "free"

  14. Can u use altenator 12v chas to the can use mesin motor it use for coconut to run altenator

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