How to place an IMAGE inside of a SHAPE in Photoshop!

In this adobe photoshop CC tutorial, I go over how to put in an image inside of a shape layer.


Get the latest version of Adobe CC here:


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44 Replies to “How to place an IMAGE inside of a SHAPE in Photoshop!”

  1. I have a question… I am trying to clip a teams logo to a unique shape (a paint brush stroke) and it it not working. When I do it the other way and clip the stroke onto the logo it works. Do you know what's wrong? Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Also can we follow the same steps by using a custom drawn shape like scanning a drawn shape, transferring it to the Photoshop and applying the following steps?

  3. So stupid. Do this same exact thing just for it to never fucking work. Always just keeps my image on top. Not blaming the tutorial but just photoshop in general.

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