How to Edit Video with Multicam Sequence | Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this tutorial (edited from a Facebook livestream), Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows you how to edit and cut your multicam sequence (this one has 19 cameras) using keyboard shortcuts, standard editing tools and easy on-screen overlays to navigate the UI and cut in real-time. Learn in depth about multicam sequences in Premiere Pro. Download to get started:

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45 Replies to “How to Edit Video with Multicam Sequence | Adobe Premiere Pro CC”

  1. This is great! Although, I just did it and there is some of my timeline that the yellow bar above the timeline is missing (which I'm reading means it's not rendered?). I'm trying to select the video and render it with no luck. Any way I can mind meld with Jason? (Seriously, how can I get in touch with him?) Also, I would love to see this whole facebook livestream… anyone have any ideas on my issue?! Thanks!

  2. my reaction after watching the first video and getting 2:09sec into this video: " yooooo wtf?!!" lol! omg omg i have to save these"! thank you thank you!

  3. Ok, Jason. So your videos are amazing but the nudge I needed to like and subscribe came from is the song… WHO IS THIS?!?!

  4. I am new to music videos and am trying to sync them in by using a hand clap before the musicians start playing. How did you do it? All I see is a bunch of camera angles in the multi-screen area where you can switch back & forth with your numeric keypad.

  5. I have a problem, when I use multicam mode I can see only 1st cam and not all 4 cameras of my multicam sequence. I see it only in the source monitor.

  6. if your Synchronize Point is Audio with Camera 1 in settings, how are you supposed to cut through your audio track later? It's not gonna be cut through, you'll only be able to cut video. Is there a way to work around that? It's not change after you flatten your multicam sequence either.

    I was thinking maybe if you choose "Switch Audio" (cause it's the only option that allows you to cut through video & audio), then mute the rest of the tracks (provided you're lucky & have one good audio recording on top of the other ones from each camera) & then click "Multicamera Audio follows Video", you'll be able to cut through video & audio simultaneously. Would it make sense?

  7. A very coherent concise and easy to interpret into reality set of multi-cam editing instruction. 7 1/2 stars on a scale of 5

  8. Helpful, we are looking at mutli cam cuts now in Pro, but when we did our version of this competition entry we had never used PP before, and we manually synched and manually cut our competition entry, (after years of manual synch and cutting multi cam projects in other programs) lol, we were doing make the cut competition as a test run on first time using the program. This is helpful though, thanks

  9. A question about how to proceed.
    Some Rockers bros asked if I can help with an Editing.
    Shooted with a GoPro of some kind, about 10 clips por player plus onother 10 for the band, with a total of almoust 50 clips.
    What I would like to know even before I get into this is….could be a good idea to
    1 make a multicam sequence of each player and 1 for the band, and the relative subsequences
    2 use the 5 subsequence and the studio audio track to create a new multicam and the relative subsequence, and do the final editing with that.

    Is that possible?
    I mean, to use different subsequences to create a multicam sequence?
    If not, there is a way around, as….maybe export the single subsequences of the single player plus the one of the band, and them multicam sequence those resulting clips, using the studio audio track as the reference audio, that seems logical by the way if I can't mulcam sequence a group of subsequence.

    I hope I've made myself clear

  10. Mind blown!! I dont even know my program well enough to keep up in my head… but now I know where id like to wind up some day. im trying to do a 2 cam edit.. and struggling. One day when im grown!

  11. Hello, thank you for professional explaining, I have a problem while switching between cameras , the videos strobes like slow motion

  12. I am just testing this but I used two cameras and in multi camera view one of the cameras is just black so I had to just guess where to make the cuts. End result was ok but would be good to know exactly where I am making the cuts. Any ideas why one camera is just showing black?

  13. Great video. What the heck is a "Tilda" key or whatever you said to get to full screen? I've done multi cam editing on several projects but I don't do it a lot so almost every time I do I have to find a video like this to refresh me. Thanks for these great videos!

  14. Hi! Can yoh pls help me? 'ın my multicamera in Premier Pro 2019 o ly one camera works and other 3 don t . I updated the program. But I have e
    no idea how to fix it.
    Thank you!

  15. Excellent tutorial, really helpful, just one thing : I had a problem to have all my angles on the right side of the viewer, I only had two times the main image, what I had to do is right clic on my multicam cutting sequence (green clip) in the timeline, and activate the multicam option !! you should add a note at the beginning, I was stuck on that ! 🙂

  16. Is there a way to toggle from one cameras audio to another? For some reason some of the clips pick one cameras audio and other pick the other cameras audio. Since only one has a quality mic, I would rather keep it as the primary, but i can't figure out how to switch which audio it is playing from.

  17. You are such a natural when it comes to teaching and explaining complex processes…for anyone to break down a 19 camera timeline with such crystal clarity is not just a talent, it's a gift. Thanks for taking the time to do all these videos, they're an invaluable resource, even for people who already (think they, haha) know the software.

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