How to Create a Smooth Zoom Blur Transition Effect! (2017 Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)

Learn how to create the very popular smooth zoom blur transition effect that a lot of filmmakers like Sam Kolder use in their YouTube videos. This is a very easy Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorial that beginners can follow. This is the easiest method I’ve seen, it only requires you to use 4 keyframes and one effect (transform). This is much easier than using Adobe After Effects CC and sometimes presets too. There are other methods of creating this same effect, I’ve linked some videos from Chungdha and BakersTut that I have personally followed, they’re both great.

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48 Replies to “How to Create a Smooth Zoom Blur Transition Effect! (2017 Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)”

  1. also I learnt something to make it look a little bit better

    go to the second video and after adding the zoom out effect, skip 2 frames and make the scale 115 then skip another 2 frames and make it 100 again

    it will look like it bounced and it really can spice things up and make it look a bit better

    edit: if you wanna zoom out on the first video you can do the same thing but on the second video instead of making the scale 115, make it 95 and put it back to 100 again

  2. Hi there Steve!. Awesome simple Zoom transition!. .. BUT!, is it possible to save this as a TRANSITION, so I can drag it in between two clips?. (it would be gruelling to have to do this to all clips for b-roll). it possible to do this on an adjustment layer, and put it on top of the middle of two clips and make it work??. Thanks mate!, Hope U can reply! 😉

  3. Try showing the effect before going into the intro and also after you've achieve the effect at the end so we can know if we're in the right place. There are lots of bs tuts out there so us learners have to screen as much as possible as quickly as possible. Great job though!

  4. How are you not going by Steve-Van? Seriously, that's free from me to you.
    & Thanks for the refresher – FYI, you can also apply these transitions to an adjustment layer to easily copy and paste the transitions to other clips

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