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23 Replies to “How To Create A Dot Leader Line In Microsoft Word 2010”

  1. Excellent directions for what I call "mini" Table of Contents (TOC). Very easy to follow, well spoken, clear as a bell! Thank you! Others could learn from you!

  2. I'd like to know how to do numbering e.g

    something like that.
    In addition – I want it to reflect on my tables and chart e.g

    Table 4.2.1

  3. Thank you for this walkthrough. I have a paper due tomorrow, and was completely done except for this…I was flipping out.


  4. When I do this, my right aligned text (such as a page number) is placed on the line below.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?  The line automatically extends all the way to the  margin and won't let other right aligned text appear.

  5. I have a TOC in 2013 while realigning the leader line the print out shows several lines within the dots example: ………-…….- -…..—————- how do I remove the dashes and keep the dots, most other lines are correct. btw print preview does not show this only when I print out TOC.

  6. Thank you so much! I always forget how to do this and this was the best tutorial I have come across.  You do have to choose right alignment for the way it is in the video. I might just remember it now that I've see it done.

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