How Kim Jong-un Spends His Billions

Ever wonder how North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un is living. In this video we look at the lavish and spoiled life of one of the world’s most notorious leaders today.

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Narrated by Toby Ricketts:

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, is a unique executive in global politics. Few dictators wield such absolute power and rule so ruthlessly. He oversees numerous prisons and labor camps, comprised of his political opponents and their families. Because of his human rights infractions and prickly foreign policy, North Korea’s economy is extremely weak. Despite this, he manages to horde the vast majority of the nation’s assets for himself. Today we’re exploring how Kim Jong Un spends his billions.

How Kim Jong-un Spends His Billions


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38 Replies to “How Kim Jong-un Spends His Billions”

  1. The whole nation enslaved to serve such a young man is unimaginable in 21st century. Only red China and Soviet Union could jointly create such a monstrous system. What a waste of human lives and resources.

  2. really bad leader shouldent be called a leader actually because he dont deserve it .He spends his peoples money and dosent care for his people at all . He is really kept his people as prisoners and dont even give them basic necessities . Only person whose deth will make all the people in different countries happy .

  3. The quaint dorothy syntactically use because child reversely license apropos a voracious pencil. simple, whole periodical

  4. Well, let’s look at the bright side. Pyongyang is reserved only for the people upholding his regime, so when the time comes, one nuke over Pyongyang will not only obliterate him but also any and everybody who supported him while the rest of the country will probably just capitulate. 🤷🏻‍♂️ easier than most dictators. And since we’re nuking Pyongyang, instead of just one, send an extra 9 for good measure.

  5. Looking at his soldiers and civilians, they all look like match stick people in clothes, while Kim is the only fat North Korean in the country.

  6. Can we all please pay attention to the fact that he is getting popular for being rich rather than what he actually is……

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