How I Made Face Masks // DIY Easy Beginner Sewing

I have been making these face masks and sharing them on my Instagram. So many have been asking for the pattern and how I made them, so I decided to show you how and show the basic side of sewing that most videos don’t show because they typically assume you know your way around a sewing machine.


Eddie and I wear these masks so we avoid touching our faces in public and to protect others if we are asymptomatic. Please leave medical-grade and N95 masks for essential workers and for those who need it as there are shortages right now. We wear these masks to go outside, go to the grocery store, etc., but most of the time we simply *stay home*.


♥ 1 m of tightly woven (non-stretch) fabric – I think I used either a cotton, or a cotton-polyester blend, not sure since they are second-hand/thrifted fabrics
♥ Thread
♥ 2 x 7 inch jumbo braided elastic per mask (I have a fairly wide face, if you have a thinner face, I’d go down to 6 inches)
♥ Printed Patterns:

Men’s Pattern (larger size):
Women’s/Teenage Size (slightly smaller):

♥ Sewing machine (I have a used Singer 1234)
♥ Iron + ironing surface/board

The original blog post from CraftPassion (linked below) has a more detailed tutorial and different pattern for the filter, but I basically left a 2 inch gap when sewing the bottom edge of the mask for the filter to be put in. I cut a tiny snip along both sides of that gap and sewed them so the edges weren’t raw. Alternatively, you can leave a gap when you’re sewing the end flaps in so that you can put in the filter there (similar to bra cups in athletic tops).

BONUS: If you want to sew a dart on both sides where the elastics are, you should do that. I’d probably do a 1-1.5 inch dart, but I’ve also never done that before so don’t take my word for it lol.

Original Tutorial:
Original Templates + Tutorial:

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16 Replies to “How I Made Face Masks // DIY Easy Beginner Sewing”

  1. How did you get it so your glasses don’t fog up? The mask I bought is a different shape, but I try to make sure it’s far up on my nose and my glass still fog >_<

  2. Thanks so much for this video, Lisa. I used to sew all of my clothes, back in the day when I was younger and my vision was better. I bought a little Singer last year, and have yet to use it. Face masks aren't mandatory in Ohio, yet. Guess i'll try to reconnect with the old "sewing skills"…LOL

  3. This was actually super helpful and well done! You have inspired me to make so for when I go back to work!

  4. My work just made mask wearing mandatory and I'm so happy that you posted this. Time to bust out the ole sewing machine. Thanks Lisa!

  5. Wanna know everything about DIY anti-virus masks? Check this post:

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  6. You're so good at this, Lisa! Amazing! Perhaps there is hope for me!
    In terms of mask styles, I find that the surgical-style fits my face shape a little better than the pattern you have. I think the reason the surgical-style is better suited for me is because I don't have a prominent nose bridge at all. Zero. Nada. So when I try on the style that you have, the nose part keeps gaping. =/

  7. Great job, Lisa!!!
    Quilting is my wheelhouse, and it was fun to see you at your sewing machine. Thank you for making masks and teaching your subs a new skill!

  8. I remember the first time using my mom's sewing machine 37 years ago. Some basic sewing skills can come in handy and are timeless.

  9. Do you think I’d be able to hand sew these? Been trying to hand sew some masks using another technique…. not sure how this would work. (I don’t have access to a sewing machine :c)

  10. Giiiirl! Same! Me and my mom teamed up to make masks as well! Ive been learning and recently got my own machines to help. Although i have a different design. It's so fun and great job!! I swear we would be such great friends i have so many common interests with you. (Asian, vegan, foodie, 420, now sewing too!) Although you might just be the better version of me lol.

  11. I dont know if you want tips or not but when you lift your foot to rotate whatever youre sewing, its a good idea to put your needle down into the fabric. That way it keeps your stitches where they should be but the fabric will still rotate freely 🙂 not sure if thats helpful or not but figured id offer it since youre new at sewing. Good job on the masks though! Impressive for someone new 🙂

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