Getting Class Diagrams in Visual Studio 2017

If you can’t get class diagrams to work in Visual Studio 2017, this video shows you how to enable the feature in Visual Studio 2017.

As Dawid1879 points out in a very valuable comment, below, you may have to change the language from your native language (within the OS) to US English to enable access to some of the tools available in Visual Studio 2017.
I ran the solution suggested by Dawid1879 and found that you should reset the OS to your native language after you have enabled the tool[s] you want.
If you run into any problems, try restarting your computer.
A big thank you to Dawid1879 for the observation and for taking the time out provide a comment about it.


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27 Replies to “Getting Class Diagrams in Visual Studio 2017”

  1. Thank you very much, I searched every where for this, I have a project due in 3 days that needs a this diagram 🙏

  2. To save you some time:
    Go to visual studio installer, press modify and install "Class designer" and then just go back to your program, press right click and "view class diagram"

  3. Well done, and thank you for this! You just saved me hours of time searching to find out why I couldn't get a class diagram shown. 🙂

  4. Excellent addition, thank you.. Only one problem I am facing: Association between classes are not added to the diagram in C#. Do you have any comments?

  5. You have no idea how much you just saved my butt, had to include a UML diagram for my programming class and was short on time to draw one out, scan it with my printer and include it in a word doc, submitted it with 3 minutes to spare ;_; thank you

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