Game Theory: The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop

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Last on Petscop, we told you about the real life death that influenced the game. Now we have another plot to unfold – a murder that built the ENTIRE GAME. Today Theorists, we go theory first into the family at the center of Petscop – the best game you’ll never play.

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48 Replies to “Game Theory: The Hidden HORRORS Behind Petscop”

  1. And just like that…Petscop 13 is out, putting it at the one year anniversary of the series.

    Time to rewrite part 2.

  2. Through all these theory's, He hasn't mentioned the recurring theme of gifts/presents throughout the gift plane and the newmaker plane

  3. Yay! Congrats to anyone who found this comment.

    This is the safe place if you're getting a little scared.

    Here's a nice place to rest:🛏

    Here's some food:🍜

    I hope you feel better!

  4. I am confused. In episode one you said this was about the redirth story, but now your saying it is about something else!!?! please explain

  5. Just a quick note: The name "Rainer" might indicate that the author of the series is German (or Austrian or Swiss), as "Rainer" is a German name. Maybe, this will lead you somewhere.

  6. I have those unblinking eyes burned into my retinas now, thanks for adding those to the video. Sleep is impossible now.

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