Gain Staging In Your Mix. with Fab Dupont

Fab Dupont, explains his techniques for managing his gain staging in Pro Tools 12. Full course:


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15 Replies to “Gain Staging In Your Mix. with Fab Dupont”

  1. Hi! I must say you allow this quarantine to be a better place. I learn so much from your YouTube channel at PureMix and Universal Audio. It’s a blessing!

    Thank you very much 🙏

  2. Good trick but if you're using plugins that emulate hardware you may go with too hot levels into them and some of them do not like that and some don't have very good input section, so maybe use rather clip gain as first insert plugin and turn it down there.

  3. This is interesting but how is it different than using a stereo aux or 2 buss? I normally adjust the level of the mix on a 2 buss before even going to the master fader.

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