[Fancam] Jong Hyun of SHINee(샤이니 종현) Odd Eye(오드아이) @M COUNTDOWN_150618

[엠넷 직캠중독] SHINee 종현 직캠 오드아이 Odd Eye SHINee JongHyun Fancam @Mnet MCOUNTDOWN_150618

SHINee Odd Eye JongHyun Focus Fancam @Mnet MCOUNTDOWN_June/18/2015

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샤이니 Odd Eye 종현 직캠 Fancam @엠넷 엠카운트다운_150618

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42 Replies to “[Fancam] Jong Hyun of SHINee(샤이니 종현) Odd Eye(오드아이) @M COUNTDOWN_150618”

  1. 2:02 – I cannot take it, feel so attacked by that look. Imy so much oppa. I feel so happy everytime I got my Jjong daily (hourly) dose.

  2. His expression is so wonderful but it’s sad how he once said he acts wherever he goes bc he feared when he showed his real side that many wouldn’t like him.

  3. can I just say I find the random feet appearing at 1:49 to be hilarious??

    But also that I still miss him and it still hurts but that's ok and that these moments will always and forever be cherished

  4. I realized that even though jjong looked sexy in this performance his eyes looked very tired. I wonder what was going throughout his mind before, during, after the performance 😓

  5. จำเป็นต้องทำตาหวานขนาดนั้นมั้ยบลิงบลิง

  6. R.I.P. Jonghyun. One suicide is one too many. For help and assistance on suicide prevention, please contact the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) at https://www.iasp.info/resources/crisis_centres.

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