EXO-K – Moonlight (월광) (Color Coded Hangul/Rom/Eng Lyrics)

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Baekhyun – gold
D.O – navy blue
Baekhyun & D.O – grey

EXO-K’s song, “Moonlight,” with Hangul, romanization, and Eng subs!

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The fonts are called Pea Kensey, SMYoonho, and Gulim

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36 Replies to “EXO-K – Moonlight (월광) (Color Coded Hangul/Rom/Eng Lyrics)”

  1. I know my place, I know her face and where I land, in time the space can leave you faced without power for which it stands, minutes make me less intent, she disappears from my scent, I lose her in the trench, she doesn’t carry me, she can’t sing the blues, she can’t marry me, staring through less amused, and lesser tears have the presence to vary me, I’m not felt, I’m starting to lack the feeling, love is slowly dying, she’s not here to help the healing, the ice melts, but each layer going, is her actually getting colder when the water’s flowing, that’s right well, I told her shadow I’m not worth the battle, my love is not a gateway, she can find a place they, hype her coating, lacquer like, she looks finished, I diminish in the lack of light, she’s too white, she doesn’t fit my image says the critics, her ghostly shell, mostly tells what is frozen, and being unchosen helps, it gives me manners most men could never spell, and the matter of my heart, is at then, just a fragment of a black pen, when the messaging starts, to happen, I embark in my solitude, it’s not sad it’s just my back spin, past events seem to repeat now, she’s not proud to be with me, she floats a crooked grin, her past relationships are nothing like me, as I look at them, playing games is not my poison, she doesn’t want this man, I’m not them enough to bring the boys in, I’m self loathing, she needs a player to raise her like a quotient,

  2. Now that Kyungsoo is back, Baek has to enlist this year. I just want ONE more BaekSoo collab before he goes. The way these two sound together is unreal, especially when doing R&B.

  3. Wowww!! Can't believe its been 6 years.. this feels soo nostalgic.. like I just started listening to exo nd they're hella good.. this song is honestly makin me cry rn lol

  4. She’s doesn’t know this pain, the main stream is soulless, I can’t maintain the focus with this hopeless train, in depths I slept, I guess in grain, I gain no acceptance, no lessons have taught me how to address this, tired and restless, I slept with only thoughts in a brain that’s less than what it was when I was met with disdain and lecherous games that spun relentless through endless strain, I’m not a period, I’m a myriad of sorts, and distort this invested sport where I’m always foul and exhibit hours of senseless scowls and inventive vowels that spill constant with consonant cowls that mask me because I’m last, picked so I’m outlasting the last chick trying to beat my poetry gift with her poultry powers, what came first, the egg shell or the vain verse? I stay worst, thirst for adventure through tender earth while my tenure starts to remember what I sent her in gentler flirts, but that failed, so I’m curtailed like thread on rummaged skirts that been through hurt she discarded because I’m too retarded to fit her figure perks, every curve she works seems to bounce away like the last light of day I felt from eyelids pursed, slowly fading in a wading surf, letting her go, cuz I’m a man, I don’t need to chase a dream that only sees me as a pervert that lurks, in shadows I paddle, still babble, water ribbons slap at the ending travel, displaced like a face of gavels prejudging me like prejudice or systemic racism from a faceless mammal, thinking it’s sweet to be unique, but it took many years of defeat to find this channel, this is not game, this is my lateral, throw, get my saddle so I can go and set sail in this wind I can never handle,

  5. She thinks I’m light blue, I’m extinct, drinking a bright mood, pushing the link, cutting through the night moves like ice cubes, on a rink, two bright shoes slice through, I think I might do, but my sink is right through, the ice is cold, I hold my soul in each blink I write you, it’s a statement, what’s my worth if I’m dirt on the pavement adjacent to your work, the type’s used, there’s less want in my font like the fall out of white glue or fondues, the hues in play, place my high moods on the top of crescents reminiscent of a bright moon, so I’m extinct, that means I’m out of sight too, the space is relevant, I count the stars til I die, because the limit is the sky and I feel that’s my right too, it’s evident, I’m everything I’ve tried to hide you, spilling my heart out, because that’s the joke, I’m not hot enough to create the smoke of a pipe fuel, or spark the love in your stolen heart that exhibits art that only a tight dude can get hype to, shading tears with affairs that seem weary compared to theirs, that’s why you can’t hear me or appear near me like stairs, with every issue are shoes in a confused misused glare, are fools with you, should I forget you or even care to be here to kiss you, I miss you, swears only bare the ripped tissues that lips move with minstrel flair, their stage shows only pave roads I can’t rock with, so my pocket is this product, I only seam through the nonsense with constant awkward steers that carpet targets that wish for fear, my comfort zone is the bluesy tone, with rhythm my vision is on a plane that whistles like crystals across a liquid square, the puddles remain, splashing through my vain just to love the way you act in a reaction gained, my passion strains, I can’t push the levels on a recording, I can only settle for resorting to this traction lain, it may be lame, but I don’t consider this as hideous as most think it is, I just stay in my lane, and filaments to flame sentiments like a gasoline element on splintered grain,

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