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36 Replies to “EXO | BEST FUNNY & CUTE MOMENTS | D.O & CHANYEOL | Reaction!!”

  1. Hey MOTFGANG!! We just uploaded NCT U “From Home” It is blocked in the United States and Canada!! You will need a VPN to watch that!! If You are not from United States or Canada please tell me if you got a notification for that video!! Hope Y’all Enjoy!! Love Y’all!!

  2. Despite the height difference, Chanyeol and D.O. fight a lot, physically.
    Not too long ago, Chanyeol told a story that one day D.O. provoked him and then he got so pissed. The situation became intense and it turned into a quarrel. He managed to grab D.O. and then he slammed D.O. down to the ground so hard that made D.O. must be escorted to the hospital.
    They're crazy lol.

  3. @3:56–4:10 Eventually, Chanyeol asked D.O. to poured the water on his back and he did…but then while he was drinking CY playfully tapped his elbow so he got mouthful of water in returned! And most of the times, CY always started annoying D.O. forgotten of a consequences for his own action!!
    @10:39 It was from a drama that the lead actor act cute and the boys used that part as a sample for their cute acting at one of their state-meeting(?).

  4. D.O is actually very serious. He jokes very rarely but when he does you'll surely die hard laughing. But actually him being too serious most of the time among all EXO members is funny too.

  5. I love to watch your YouTube channel before I sleep more power your YouTube guys Thank you for reacting EXO always ❤️

  6. If you ever plan on reacting to one of EXO‘s reality shows it has to be EXO Ladder Season 2!!!
    you can check EXO Showtime later because it‘s very old (I‘m telling you this because someone suggested showtime…)

  7. When are you guys gonna watch Exo Showtime, I feel like you can see the members personality more even the members that have left

  8. Oh you started their funny moments! Not sure how much you know about their personality. Chansoo is one of the popular bro-ship because The tallest vs the shortest, the loudest vs the most quiet, the most extra vs the most calm lol
    They are really close friend, kind of soul mate. They stick together since predebut and they shared room when they lived in dorm. They did many non official collab: Chanyeol playing guitar/piano and does harmony while D.O. sings. Their voices go really well with each other.
    As per their personality, Chanyeol is super funny, talks a lot and very extra when he laughs. Always laughs with seal clap and rolling on the floor and makes sure he hits someone. D.O. is on the opposite. His smile is one out of the million as he is more quiet and calm. He is quite savage sometimes as all members just wanna tease him around to make him laugh but he gets annoyed then hit them in return. For sure D.O. is actually a cute guy and loves his members so much.
    FYI you may hear Chanyeol kept yelling a name 'Kyungsoo ah'. It's actually D.O. 's real name. The members call him this way off the camera.
    If you want something really really funny that laugh your ass off, go watch Baekhyun and Chanyeol. These 2 guys are idiots af lol

  9. They covered so many songs like love your self billionaire I forget the concert you can watch the song that covered by do for life chanyeol were playing piano and thankyou so much for this reaction❤❤❤

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