EP408 – What to do with FSD Beta?

Doing a nice country drive to Rosewood in QLD today. I’m thinking of what people would actually do if they get Tesla Full Self Driving next week. Would there be a million new YouTube channels popping up and everyone would test and making videos? Would you just test it yourself in the city and then disengage as it still does not drive as a human?

A lot of people are very desperate of getting the Beta here in Australia. But at the end, what difference does it make as we have already seen all feature on many other channels.

I personally doubt we will ever see FSD Beta down here in AU. Our road rules are somewhat different from the rest of the world and the market is super small for Tesla. Is it worth for them to invest anyways?

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13 Replies to “EP408 – What to do with FSD Beta?”

  1. A good deal of male self-esteem depends on one’s ability to drive a car. That‘s why we fail to see how easy it is in reality.

  2. Hi Andy, greetings from chilly Michigan, USA. I'm a fan of your EV and solar garage videos. To be honest I'm not sure that I could drive with the self driving feature engaged. I was anxious just watching you on the winding road, especially with oncoming traffic coming. The anxiousness was compounded because I've driven on the right side of the road my entire life, and it was hard watching you stay left with oncoming traffic. lol. By the way, the warm weather and scenery in your area looks very nice.

  3. Hi Andy. When you say the system 'learns' the road from you having driven it, does it just map the road in more detail or does it take the way you drove it (speed, road positioning etc.) into consideration? To do that the car would have to be out of 'self drive mode' obviously. Not really expecting an answer from you on this but it is fundamental to the system's ultimate capability.

  4. I have EAP.. My car still indicates left on NoA when merging onto the motorway.. Sometime it indicates left even when I don't have NoA enabled. And this is for a feature which released over an year ago and is still not 100%..No hope of seeing FSD in Australian for 10-15yrs at least. My m3 hardware/car will be redundant much before that time.

  5. Hi, I have the regular FSD here, and I can surely say, that the car behaves differently between "autopilot" and "fsd" modes.

    Fsd, as far as I know, uses map data to adapt the driving for the curves and such, muuuuch better than the regular mode. And only works with the navigation map updated.

    On other hand, the autopilot, uses only his cameras.

    I would encourage you to try to experience the current fsd, non beta, to have a different perspective either better or worse hehe.

    Greetings from cold Portugal!

  6. I wouldn’t want to meet a Tesla coming in the opposite direction if I was on a motorcycle having a fang.
    Inappropriate braking for vehicles turning across you is always a shock…..and completely useless/dangerous.

  7. I’m a bit confused. Is the rewrite out very soon now ?
    I wish only every want the basic ap due to there being so many uncontrolled and poorly designed intersections to start with…….narrow and poorly marked (if at all) roads – sealed or unsealed .

  8. I noticed you were tapping the speed limit icon to match your speed with the limit. Did you know you can tap down and hold the right stalk down for about a half second to a second to do the same?

  9. The more you drive with FSD the better it will get and the sooner FSD will work better in most situations.
    Tesla keeps collecting data every time you intervene.

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