(ENG)[UNBOXING|GIVEAWAY] SNSD TAEYEON 4th mini album ‘What Do I Call You’ | 소녀시대 태연 미니4집 앨범 언박싱

연말에도 열일하는 마이베이비허니데이지온리탱구~💜 💜💜
이번에도 즐겁게 봐주세요~!
TAEYEON’s 4th mini album ‘What Do I Call You’ release💜💜💜
Hope you enjoy the video~


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💜언박싱 영상에서 사용한 앨범 나눔 이벤트💜
TAEYEON’s 4th mini album ‘What Do I Call You’ GIVEAWAY

🔥 당첨 상품 : 언박싱 영상에 사용된 4th mini album ‘What Do I Call You’ 2장(My only ver, My daisy ver.)
Gift : 4th mini album ‘What Do I Call You’ 2장(My only ver, My daisy ver.) (used in unboxing video)

🔥참가방식 :
응답폼에 기재된 사항을 모두 입력해주세요!
Please fill out this forms!

🔥기간 : 12/29 화 00시(KST)
Submission due: December 29th TUES 00:00 (KST)

🔥발표 : 12/29 화
Announcement date : December 29th TUES

🔥당첨자 발표 후 1주일 내에 답장이 없으실 경우 당첨이 취소됩니다!
If you don’t reply within a week of the winner’s announcement, the winner will be cancelled!

🔥 당첨자 발표 후 배송은 2주 내에 이루어집니다!
Delivery will take place within two weeks after the winner’s announcement!

🔥기재해주신 메일 주소로도 알림 메일이 갈 예정이오니 정확히 기재해주세요!
We are going to send you the e-mail for the announcement of the winners, so please fill it out correctly.

🔥 해외 당첨자는 배송비 별도이며, 선불입니다. 유의하시고 참여해주세요!(한국에 배송 받을 수 있는 주소가 있다면 무료입니다!)
in case of overseas winners, delivery charge should be paid in advance. Please be aware it and participate!( If you have a shipping address in Korea, it’s free!)

🔥해외 배송 시 포스터는 접혀서 배송됩니다!
Posters will be folded when shipped overseas.

다음 영상에서 만나요 😎
See U soon~

🎵Music provided by 브금대통령
🎵Track : Runway Goddess –

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37 Replies to “(ENG)[UNBOXING|GIVEAWAY] SNSD TAEYEON 4th mini album ‘What Do I Call You’ | 소녀시대 태연 미니4집 앨범 언박싱”

  1. 씨디랑 포토 카드는 마이 온리가 더 맘에 드는데 포토북이랑 겨울 느낌이 마이 데이지가 더 예뻐서 고민되용°¡° 글구 태연 앨범 언박싱 해주셔서 감사해요 다른 영상들도 넘 잘 시청하구 있어요!!

  2. King Taeyeon is back again! I love all of her songs. This album shows another color of her voice and all of the tracks are great. 역시 믿듣탱♡

    Thank you for the unboxing and giveaway♡

  3. 씨디는 마이온리가 이쁘고 포토북은 둘다 이쁜데 데이지가 더 제 취향이고 그러네요. 마이온리 뒤쪽 쿨한 것도 무척 좋아서 고민인데 데이지가 전반적으로 겨울에 잘 어울리는 느낌

  4. love this ep so much! all the songs are bops, but my fav is playlist! la da da la da di~ and she's so pretty <3<3<3 loving the concept of the photobook sm TT

  5. I love all songs in this album plus design in this album are so beautiful😍, king tayeon is back! 믿듣탱구🧡

  6. OMG my queen is back. I love the album, I love how she deliver her concept by this album and it's very aesthetic. I love it. Thank you for unboxing.

  7. i really love the painting part of the album and the flower designs of the cd. This albums of taeyeon is one of my fave i can see her growth and i'm so happy for her. thank you for this unboxing video!!

  8. This album really accentuates Taeyeon's voice' diversity. All the songs truly fit her voice. Her looks is ethereal, I might even say! Such a good album to leave 2020 on a happy note!!! So excited!!!

  9. why can't SM do the same packaging like Taeyeon previous albums that all are consistent except purpose deluxe edition..
    I don't like soft covers.. they are so thin & fragile + looks low budget.. I preordered both versions of this album.. hope they don't get damage when they arrive..

  10. Yeaayy have been waiting for this video since yesterday and finally here it is <3 King Taeyeon is back!!! and me as a sone for 10 years really happy and excited for this album!!

  11. The queen is back! Yey! I love how they design this album and taeyeon's picture in the photocard looks so cute!! Thank you for the unboxing!!^_^

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