[Eng] Jonghyun Blue Night Radio compilation

Jonghyun’s Blue night (English sub)
Jonghyun’s Elevator
Jonghyun’s Skeleton Flower
Jonghyun’s End of a Day
Jonghyun’s Agit concert

I made the video.

I don’t own the content used in this video:
-BN English translation: bluenight0524/ Arezoo/ u. kim, soompi/ Cosmicsticks/ thatcoolcatmeow/ notbaesuji/ bysagyehan/ fantaemsie
– Pix: © April dream/ © flos paradiso/ © sign/ © kindergarten/ © bum to shine/ © something special/ © only you/ © human lock
-English lyrics: @Sullaem/ pop!gasa
-Agit concert video cr to the rightful owners (shared by sharingshinee@wp)

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42 Replies to “[Eng] Jonghyun Blue Night Radio compilation”

  1. 🍃 There were many things that I wanted to talk about… and if I was going to write them down, there would be pages… words are not enough so I made this video…
    Jonghyun deserves to be remembered as precious as he was/ is… 🌹

    🌿 I know ppl might have enough stress in their life… and I know some ppl are feeling sad on these December days… so I wanted to make a video which gives you a warm feeling and comforts you… and I wanted to make it as soon as possible before Dec, 18th, because I really want you to feel warm in these days…
    I hope you find comfort and hope in it 🌹🍀✨

    I find it somehow cold that some ppl write comments like, “it was his decision”… (because it’s like saying why should we care) … I believe depression, the same way as a physical illness, need to be taken care of as soon as possible… and I think ppl in the condition of very severe depression lost their ability to make a (right) decision… I hope he was saved 🌹… and I wish all the ones in the similar condition are saved…🌷🌼🌷
    Let’s care for others and be kind… forgetting is cruel

    🌾 [P.S. – I don’t monetize this video or any other videos in my channel, ads are from copyright holders of the songs I used in my videos. But I definitely wanted to put those songs with English lyrics in my videos.
    -I didn’t add all the Jonghyun’s songs he talked about, because already my video was so long so I just went with a few of them. (I made videos about each song and their stories before, you can check them out. 🌸
    – I added the last part of the song “Elevator” like that because the vlive wasn’t complete and I wanted to show the lyrics of the song completely.
    – I decided to mute the last part of my video because I wanted to include the BN video (instead of just audio). But also, if I put that video with audio, my video was going to be blocked in a few eastern countries.]

  2. Thank you so much for your hardwork compiling this. Much love! Always gonna come back to listen to his voice to cheer me up♡ forever grateful

  3. So beautiful. Gosh, his talking voice just me so much heal, his voice is calming, I love it❤️ So soothing

  4. …I love this videos…I miss my star(Kim jonghyun)..💎💎💎5hinee fanz forever..I love you oppa…

  5. Kim Jonghyun's music is so hauntingly beautiful. it pierces that heart. i love listening to his songs that are so full of meaning.

  6. Thank you Arezoo! It's just my thinking but when he left the DJ position in blue night I think it was to much for him because it was his safe place, I understand that shinee was active in Japan and that shinee have more schedule in corea too, but I think that play a big part on what happened, something that Arezoo say it was that some people say it was he's decision and it's cold for her, but for me I choose not to judge him I'm not ok with what happend because like she say he wasn't in his right mind, I wished someone was able to reaching him and helped him and stay with him but even in the end we dont know why no body take him got treatment no one know what happend in the end so I choose not to judge and love him every day every day.

  7. A nice way to end my day by listening to Jonghyun singing 'end of day' for me 🤗💗💗💗 Thanks and Happy Valentine's Day Arezoo🙏


  9. 💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Jonghyun we mis you. You still in my HEART SHINEE FOR EVER 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 TILL END💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Yes I've just watched this vedio and yes I'm all tears and yes I don't regret it coz I've reminsced all the beautiful memories. Eyes cry not just because they're sad but also when something is happy to see, something is precious to cherish, when mixed emotions hit straight on face.
    Thanks sissy for making this vedio. I don't usually get to watch immediately, all the vedios you upload but I do watch them when I feel that I need some comforting. And jjong's voice is like honey to hear, what can I do???
    no matter how many times you upload this ,I'll definitely watch it.♥️♥️♥️♥️


  12. Thank you for not forgetting Jonghyun. Miss him so much 😭😭😭
    Have already past 2 years… My heart still hatches 😢😭😢

  13. This is a treasure, Arezoo. As a singer, Jonghyun is recognised as a master of technique and interpretation, yet even his speaking voice was beautiful. So, thank you for your efforts and thoughtfulness in creating this video – it lets me enjoy the gentle lilt and cadence of Jonghyun’s voice for more than a few stolen minutes, and I perhaps get to understand who he was, a little more. It is no wonder Jonghyun had such a following on Blue Night.

  14. Every day even before, December 18 gets here is hard because I know is when he passed away! And I miss him and wish it never happened. But I know it did, I'm just grateful that I can hear his beautiful music and that will always keep him alive in my heart and everyone else too. So I'm sure he knows that. Thank you for this beautiful video ❤

  15. I get very emotional when i see his videos or hear his voice. All the pain n hurdles he went through comes in front me my eyes. It's sad that he could not be saved .We have progressed so much but still so many people feel that this kind of ailment indicates a weak personality .Obe needs a lot of guts to take such a kind of decision.It is like any other disease and can be treated very successfully provided proper help is given. I strongly feel about this cos i lost my brother a year back .We fought tooth and nail against cancer for 7 years .I know how it feels to get an year extra to live. He could have got a lot many years .He could have been saved …..

  16. I didn't have time to check this out earlier but right now i'm doing it. Thank you, Arezoo for your hard work and keeping his memory alive through your videos. I hope you are doing well.

    To Jonghyun, the man who I respect, admire and love immensely: thanks for everything. Your voice, your words, your smile, are things that I will never let anyone forget. My wish for you to be happy still holds to this day. Rest well.

    To everyone having a hard time like me right now: remember how much you are worth. You are appreciated and loved. I hope I can cope with this situation and that you all can too. Let's gain strengh together.

  17. Thank you Arezoo – all of us here love Jonghyun so much and always will… December for me is all about listening to Jonghyun's music over and over again. Miss you Jonghyun!! Love you Jonghyun forever!

  18. 니목소리는 언제나 이렇게
    들을때마다 깜짝 놀랄정도로
    생생한데 ~~~~~~~~~~ㅠ.ㅠ

  19. Es tanta su belleza interior💖, que rebosa en su presencia exterior💎. Jonghyun🕊️ fuiste y sigues siendo tan grande como persona🤗, que nada es comparable a tí y a tu arte🤩. Te sigo extrañando💔 cada día que pasa, pero tengo el consuelo de tu legado musical 🎵 y del susurro de tu preciosa voz🎤😍.

  20. his death anniversary is on.18..
    he will be 2 years since he's gone but still the scars in our hearts still.not.yet healed….
    I love watching his videos…
    specially their concerts singing together in the stage they we're very happy…
    our jonghyun we really missed you..

  21. I'm always waiting for Arezoo. You draw me closer n closer to Jonghyun oppa.
    Thank u so much Arezoo.
    I miss him everyday. That warn voice💜💜

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