Earth Defense Force 5: Hoagie's back to blasting aliens! EDF 5 Live stream

Toastedhoagie is back to squashing giant aliens and smashing giant bugs in Earth Defense Force 5 PC via twitch livestream. Will he beat back the Earth invasion by the giant ravagers, giant frogs, giant aliens, giant spiders and so many huge creatures?

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at

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Intro Music: Double Helix by Ethan Meixsell
Outro Music: Dude Bro by Silent Partner
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30 Replies to “Earth Defense Force 5: Hoagie's back to blasting aliens! EDF 5 Live stream”

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  2. 2:54:41 That Wing Diver looks quite like my Wing Diver in 4.1 lol ( red and all, just with different wings )

  3. Yeah, Iron Wall requires Wing Diver with a sniper to fulfill your sniping role. And that's actually one of my styles anyway: Picking off enemies from distance, just like I did in Counter-Strike 😉

  4. 1:52:45 Yeah, the aliens' IQ increased after so many losses, largely by your hands xD

  5. The original Ben 10 was the best. Ben 10, Kim Possible, Totally Spies and Star Wars: The Clone Wars were the Big 4 of modern cartoons.

    EDIT: I'd swap Totally Spies out for the original Teen Titans. Much better.

  6. Yeah, EDF are incompetent morons. How they managed to stay alive this long baffles me.

    Well, no, because the Plot demands it.

  7. Talk about Kaiju knock-offs, I played EDF 4.1 on Normal as a Wing Diver in the Robots vs Kaijus mission, and I killed about 3 or 4 Kaijus single-handedly while those EDF morons couldn't fight shit. When I looked at 'em, they were swinging fists wildly all over the place!

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