Dupont train crash 2 years later

Yes this is a reupload. No I don’t care it doesn’t look that much different. Highly requested by several people. Special thanks to Northwest Railfan and
At The Crossing Productions

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24 Replies to “Dupont train crash 2 years later”

  1. Amtrak does roll call

    Amtrak: suddenly forgets 1402 went to heaven

    1397: here
    1398: here
    1399: here!
    1400: YES IM 1400 AND HERE…
    Amtrak: woah there you don't have to be extra.
    1401: here
    1403: here???
    Amtrak: 1402 where the hell did you go
    1404: here's the footage

  2. I have been a train fan: abandoned railroad researcher in Michigan since the mid 80’s and try to explore all aspects of the railroading industry! Can’t believe I’m just now discovering these online! I follow abandoned rails with my mountain bike! I have Asperger’s syndrome – a form of autism and it beats doing drugs!

  3. You should do a video on the Marysville crash where a BNSF freight hit a pizza truck. I don't believe anyone was killed.

  4. Here's a radical idea, why not build a train system which allows these trains to maintain a high speed? Having to drop from 80mph to 30mph is downright stupid.

  5. I've been watching so much anime that I translated some words automictically in my head into Japanese and it's creapy

  6. 5:06 Please correct Adversary to Advocacy. Adversary is the opposite of what you meant.

    Hopefully the line gets put back into service soon. I drive that section of I-5 regularly and saw the effort that was put into upgrading that line from an old freight branch line to passenger service. I hate to see all that effort wasted.

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