"Do you have a girlfriend?" | The King Eternal Monarch [HUMOR]. (1×08)

deadass gave up on fixing the audio

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28 Replies to “"Do you have a girlfriend?" | The King Eternal Monarch [HUMOR]. (1×08)”

  1. answering some questions:
    -the song is runaway baby but it's a cover and it's pitched
    -no they are not twins
    -yes they're the same person but from parallel universe
    -this drama at this point is just peak comedy rather than romance lmao

  2. I remember what Yeong said when he saw Eun Sup and when he saw Eun Sup lil sister
    something like this :-

    ''What kind of country is South Korea to have that kind of guy to protect the country''

    ''What kind of country is South Korea to have that kind of kid who are suitable to enter the NIS''

    hahahahha ><

  3. I dead ass didnt notice that they were the same person until I read the comments talking about him having good chemistry with himself. And I stared at his face for 2 minutes. Damn

  4. He was real good at it
    Its like 2 different people acting 2 different roles while it was one person acting 2 different roles,amazing

  5. Funny- if I ask are they twins, I'll get called stupid because it's the same person acting. But if they were 2 different people that I couldn't tell apart, I'd get called racist bcs "all Asians don't look alike".
    – I got called out for mistaking the guy from 2AM for Jisung- when they even admitted to looking alike.

  6. My ranking in handsome king eternal monarch actors :
    1/ Lee Gon
    2/ Lee Lim
    3/ Eun Sup
    4/ Sin Jae
    5/ Yeong

    Of course, Lee Jung Jin is good looking.

  7. Now that I think about it parallel universes are a great way to see how people will turn up under different circumstances without the inhumane way of doing it.(yes I know theres no real way to prove it ut still a great experiment none the less)

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