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31 Replies to “DJ Khaled Saying the N-Word Repeatedly”

  1. Some are saying hes arab ,arab isnt a race u its an ethnic group, theres arabs from Africa ( Sudan , Egypt, Morocco, ect.) arabs are different races just one ethnic group arabs the look like dj Khalid are mostly from countries that have people from African origin People from countries like Egypt,sudan and others the countries that have people from African origin are Palestine ,Saudi ,yamen ect. So most of the people from these countries are originally mixed , and imagine if a country with just mixed people kept marrying each other you would only have mixed people

  2. Bro I can’t find this clip of him saying “we the best, who? We NIGGAAAAA” it was the funniest shit of all time it was like a music vid or sum like that old asf

  3. All i khow its if u aint black , u cant say the n word . Other wise u gonna get hurt bad. Thats a black thing period,no matter if raised in a black neighborhood u just cant period.

  4. Palestinians can say the n word . Palestine use to.he in Africa but then suez canal was built so we were separated from Africa

  5. Honestly, if he is using it, it is because he grew up with black people in New Orleans who gave him permission to do so. But what Khaled needs to understand is just because ya black friends let you say it back home don’t mean that you can then go use it around other black folks, cuz that n word card don’t work in every store. It’s like using the B word, if ya friend who is a female let’s you call her that in a non epithetic way that’s cool for you, but that don’t mean that you can use it around every other female.

  6. the N word should NOT be said by anyone. But I find it baffling that black people are claiming a word as if they are the only ones who get called the N word. People call Arabs SAND N*** . All day everyday. So really only 2 races get a pass if anything

  7. Same way like French Montana i dont know why but i feel like arabic can use the N word for me they are straight niggas

  8. To All of y'all racist motherfuckers in the comment section if you are not Black or black mixed with any other race YOU CAN'T SAY THE N WORD….. DA FUCK ..?!!

  9. He’s made his name in the hood in Miami. His best men/homies are African American so he gets a pass to use it because he’s a nigga himself. Y’all don’t understand, the way rap uses the word doesn’t explicitly mean skin color. It’s more than that.

  10. In Rick Rosses new song “Idols Become Rivals” he says “what hurt me the most is how you did my nigga KHALED nigga KHALED was loyal to you nigga” so it’s not a problem I agree with Khaled

  11. Arabs are the last people who should be saying nigga, I’d rather have white people say it than the race that first enslaved and sold us and still enslave and sell our people to this day

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