DJ Khaled gets booed offstage at EDC

SIDE NOTE – I am the original poster and filmer of this video. Its gotten huge, I’ve seen it on news channels and reaction channels as well as flat out reuploads and people are not crediting me. I uploaded it to my primary channel and got DMCA’d by SME (Sony Music Entertainment) about 8 hrs later (I had 3k views on it and Khaled was most likely shitting his pants at that point) but I legitimately filmed and uploaded this myself. I have other clips that I havent uploaded from the same phone in the same spot in the crowd and its my voice behind the camera. Im glad its getting around though, so I guess I can count that as a blessing.

Thanks you fat fuck. Your publicity crew can fuck off cuz I’m not gonna stop uploading this. You were playing other people’s music so you can’t say shit about copyright, asshat. Not to mention that I haven’t monetized this or the last one. Bring on the copyright strikes faggot.


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34 Replies to “DJ Khaled gets booed offstage at EDC”

  1. Had nothing to sing or rap he just plugged in his phone to play his playlist on his phone bahahah lol reminds me of a kid in a classroom doing a show and tell bahahaha

  2. Is Yellow Claw even that good? I wouldn’t know. I haven’t heard their stuff. If yes, give me their 5 best songs as a suggestion.

  3. At this point he will be changing his name to DJ father of Asahd. He only sings and says that in shows

  4. You have arguably the worst performer known to mankind perform on a platform in front of fans from a totally different music genre. Genius

  5. Everyone’s all like “awhhhh I feel bad for khaled” like bruh your up there yelling the lyrics to a drake song. Get drake up there my guy nobody wants to see your shit

  6. Poor guy…he should've just stopped talking and just take charge 😏😏😏😏😏😏 that whole thing was embarrassing 😑😑😑😑😑

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